Next Generation Relationship Management

Manage the relationships and processes that matter most to your business and engage with any stakeholder effectively. Available anywhere, on any device.

How can you manage and leverage meaningful stakeholder relationships across diverse groups in today’s competitive world?

In a complex digital world, your organisation needs to make individual connections with diverse stakeholder groups including customers, prospects, suppliers, members, employees, and other stakeholders. That’s why relationship management is a focus for many successful organisations.

That’s where Nexon’s Relationship Management delivers real value. With over 15 years of experience, we enable you to manage the relationships and processes that matter most to your business and engage with any stakeholder group effectively. Whether you need to attract prospects, engage and delight your customers, or manage memberships, contracts and compliance, we integrate systems that connect customers, products, people, and operations in meaningful ways.

Is relationship management for you?

Whether you are managing customer and member relationships or managing important processes and documents, you can deliver a higher level of service when you have more information.

Managing heightened customer expectations, defending against intensified competition or monitoring and reporting for governance and compliance can all be simplified by deploying a relationship solution.

Nexon’s Relationship Management solution helps your organisation:

  • Run more efficiently, create better experiences, and unlock profitable opportunities.
  • Obtain a 360° view of your stakeholder relationships to deliver improved personalised experiences.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Improves productivity that acts as a catalyst to scale operations
  • Consolidate data silos into a centralised repository of information to manage relationships, wherever they may be.
  • Minimise multiple entry points and improve data accuracy through automation.
  • Provide employees the tools they need so that they can deliver their best.

Drive Digital Transformation with Next Gen Relationship Management

Retain existing customers and find new customers

Retain existing customers and find new customers

Retain existing customers and find new customers

Centralise your

Retain existing customers and find new customers

Gain efficiencies and increase productivity

Retain existing customers and find new customers

Partner with Australia’s most experienced experts

It’s time for Cloud-delivered relationship management

At Nexon, we know that managing critical business connections is not a single interaction.

That is why we have architected our solution to ensure it provides a holistic approach. It helps you maintain relationships throughout the stakeholder lifecycle. Whether it be lead and opportunity tracking, field service engagement or contract management, our platform has the functionality you need to build lasting relationships.

Professional Associations and Clubs rely on accurate information. Nexon’s relationship management solution facilitates the central management of all pertinent information. It provides a database that offers each member access to their data giving them the ability to maintain their membership data themselves.
Sales teams need a system that enables them to build strong relationships with their customers, act on any insights, and close deals faster. Our holistic solution enables sales and marketing teams by providing guided business processes, the ability to manage customers and deals from anywhere using any device, and reporting that delivers actionable insights and suggestions.
Contracts are complex documents which are often based on templates with specific clauses added or removed, depending on the particular purpose of the contract. Nexon supports you to improve your contract generation process and efficient contract management with automated tracking to ensure renewals and similar actions occur on time.
Many organisations need to monitor and report on KPIs or compliance requirements, but this is often a manual, time-consuming and complex process. Nexon helps you improve the way you manage your compliance and communicate with auditor, regulatory and other compliance stakeholders. We enable you to track, assign, and verify your compliance activities, manage documentation with a secure repository and cross team barriers to achieve your organisation’s compliance goals.
Field service management is an important function for organisations that have staff on the road. Knowing in real time who is available with the required skills to help a customer, where they are now and when they can get to the next emergency presents challenges. Nexon’s solution incorporates field service management with our relationship and customer service management systems, integrated with traffic maps for real time traffic reporting.
Organisations which have implemented a legacy CRM, Dynamics CRM or Dynamics GP in the past and have extended the functionality with custom-developed code find it challenging to upgrade thereafter. As a result they’re missing out on the benefits a cloud-based solution can offer. Nexon can support you to evaluate options and support a migration to a modern cloud-based platform.
Many organisations are constrained by their legacy systems and business processes. In some cases, custom applications and customer engagement apps aren’t enabling the functionality that an integrated, cloud-based system can offer. Nexon can empower your business by customising solutions specific to your relationship management and ERP needs.

Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Nexon Relationship Management leverages Microsoft’s cloud-based Dynamics 365 platform which can integrate with your existing systems to provide your organisation an IT environment for future growth.

By taking the best that Microsoft’s platform has to offer and enhancing it with leading technologies and professional services, we offer organisations a holistic solution offering.

By leveraging our broader capabilities, you can extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with technology such as SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, as well as custom-developed solutions. Our offering can help you create and sustain the key relationships your business needs to succeed.

Relationship Management and the Future of Business

You can transform your business by taking a strategic approach to how you manage your stakeholder relationships. Discover how today.


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Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we understand the unique challenges faced by business leaders.

Our Relationship Management solutions are built to ensure you maintain one of the most critical assets in your organisation – your key stakeholder relationships. Delivered and managed by Nexon’s team of solution experts and certified consultants with over 15 years of experience with Dynamics, we have strong Microsoft competencies, including Gold certified for ERP, cloud platform and communications.

We know that every business is unique so our highly skilled staff will look after every aspect of your configuration making sure our platform aligns with your business strategy and aspirations. Our commitment and dedication is to meet your evolving needs in today’s highly dynamic marketplace.

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