Secure network solutions

Design and deploy secure network solutions that fit your needs

Nexon Secure Network Solutions Design and deploy secure network solutions that fit your needs

Nexon network solutions

Nexon provides your organisation secure network solutions to optimise, simplify and scale based on your requirements, now and into the future.


Reduce your time to deploy your new sites and footprint with virtual network solutions. With Nexon’s hybrid WAN solution you can seamlessly deliver your platform services. Learn more about our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services.


Enjoy multi-site connectivity with CPE deployment. Includes:

Carrier internet solutions

Implement diverse internet access services from Nexon’s network. Includes:

Cloud networking

Connect your organisation and customers to a public Cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of Tier 1 data centres to facilitate sophisticated Cloud architectures. Nexon is Cloud agnostic with committed bandwidth and QoS. Plus your private access can be integrated with MPLS.

Customer access

We provide customers that are not on Nexon’s WAN services the ability to connect and consume our cloud services, including:

Technology partners

Carrier partners

Technology second partners

Nexon Secure network solutions –Industry footprint Nexon Secure network solutions –Industry footprint

Industry footprint​


We have extensive experience in the retail sector, delivering scalable solutions to ensure store availability and security across your network.


To succeed in an ever-changing governance and competitive landscape, you need the visibility, flexibility and control to adapt and scale your network with ease. Nexon can help.

Financial services

Client behaviour and demands are shifting. Be the first to meet them with a secure, integrated network.

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