How Nexon protects your information

Our cyber security measures to keep your data safe. 

How Nexon protects your information Our cyber security measures to promote your online experience.

Cyber and digital crime has been on the rise as businesses and individuals move online. As a provider of managed security services, we design and deliver services with a security-first approach.

Awareness is the first step

As a Nexon customer your dedicated and primary business stakeholders should be identified in our systems as the authorised representatives. These stakeholders should be aware of the evolving cyber-attacks, risks, and potential impacts of unauthorised activity. Our cyber security measures are designed to help protect customers from malicious activity and unauthorised access to your accounts and information.

Keep your interactions protected

Nexon is continuously improving our systems and processes to protect you from the serious harms (such as identity theft) that can result from unauthorised access to your service information via our service desk and agents. Higher risk actions, such as SIM-swap requests, will require additional verification steps, including Multi Factor Authentication, to ensure that a person requesting such actions are authorised representatives from your organisation.

Additional verification will be required from you when:

Identity theft phone scams

The use of portable devices, particularly mobile phones, usually store a high level of personal information and documents used for products and services from financial institutions, retail and government portals. Telecommunications scams have been around for quite some time, however, the rise in illegal mobile number porting is one of particular concern as it has significant economic, social and emotional consequences.

Nexon has always had stringent verification checks with personal identification checks as part of its porting process (PAF : Port Access Form). Further to this a unique verification SMS code service has been implemented sent by SMS as part prior service activation.

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If you believe you ae a victim of a scam involving your company data held by Nexon

Please contact Nexon Customer Service immediately on 1800 300 000 or via We can then assess the case and take necessary action.

In the meantime, we recommend: