Project implementation

Technology solution implementation that raises the bar
business professionals meeting room cloud strategy
business professionals meeting room cloud strategy

Anyone can deliver a project. But not just anyone can do it efficiently, effectively to deliver both the best possible journey and the most productive outcome.

What you need is a partner that can proactively manage and mitigate risk, develop clear governance, create project controls and communications, as well as delivering on time and on budget.

This gives complete confidence in the team that delivers.

We invest time in understanding your organisation to align our delivery methods with your expectations – at technology, business, user and change management levels.

Prince 2 methodology is our framework in execution in delivery – Nexon also adopts a hybrid approach to facilitate responsive, adaptive delivery. Deploying our hybrid approach, we can deliver tailored solutions, clearing obstacles and adapting delivery where required, for the best possible outcome.

Why are we different?

Technology and change in business processes impacts everyone so clear governance, communication, training and buy-in are key to organisational change, and thus success.

What sets our project implementation apart is twofold:

  • Our engagement model – built around communication and flexibility.
  • Our complete portfolio expertise and end-to-end execution of the solution.

We tailor the delivery model and method in line with your unique requirements and expectations as we are scalable, agile, flexible.

While many consultancies offer change management through technical delivery, at Nexon we go a step further. We apply the ADKAR model and a holistic change approach through the entire customer journey – starting with an initial consultation with our change specialists.

A dedicated change management resource on your project means one less variable to think about. Our consultants identify, manage, and mitigate impacts and risks where they arise and embed an extra layer of oversight to your project. This will translate to a smoother and more successful implementation resulting in both improved uptake and benefits realisation.

Our change management team are skilled an experienced in delivering smaller transitions all the way up to enterprise level projects with thousands of end-users or hundreds of sites.

Prince 2

Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner certified 8 project managers


Agile Foundation and Practitioner certified 4 project managers

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Our framework

Nexon PMO Frame Work Diagram
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Why work with Nexon?

  • Agile, fast delivery, backed up with strong processes and governance
  • End-to-end knowledge and experience which is often beyond the scope at hand, giving your organisation opportunity to capitalise on technological potential.
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation happens throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Our unique understanding of the holistic business environment drives more successful change through your organisation
  • We care about your outcomes, so security is always front-of-mind
  • We consider the business elements from security to end-user adoption when implementing your solution

End-to-end opportunities

Our uniquely broad suite of solutions enables us to deliver the secure, reliable and integrated solutions that our mid-market clients need.

Our established, mature team and process means we can implement projects while proactively managing your environment, monitoring your security, optimising your environments. With Nexon, you get strategic, knowledgeable consultants who can deliver multiple improvements concurrently, all with a sharp focus on a unified, future-proofed outcome.

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Case studies

Flick Anticimex

How a leading pest control and hygiene company embraced digital transformation with Nexon to enhance productivity and enable growth. 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation’s digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities.

MTC Australia

Digital-first policy paying off for MTC Australia through Nexon.

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