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young professionals working in common area
young professionals working in common area

Higher education is in the wake of a pivotal transformation.

Universities and other tertiary education organisations have had to shift their education models, delivering on-campus experiences in conjunction with adapted online learning. With the geographical barriers to learning dropped, so has reliance on physical-based gravitas – your organisation now needs to provide a digital experience on par with enterprise to compete.

Alongside this is a decrease in government funding. In short, your institution is now being asked to be a profitable organisation with no sacrifice to the service you provide to your students. 

Nexon can help you challenge your business model and develop a world-leading student and facility experience, with innovative digital solutions that will: 

Today's student expects seamless access from any device or location.

Meet this need with technology solutions designed to add value, improve student outcomes and optimise your environment for efficiency. 

We can help you to leverage your technology to attract, recruit, retain and onboard the most promising students and researchers in order to secure essential funding and future stakeholders.

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We care about your stakeholders

Nexon’s higher education technology solutions ensure your students, staff and researchers are empowered to do their role and to do it well. 

Ensure excellent experiences, even with the most siloed tech stack, with highly integrated solutions which bring together all of your business units. Unify separate platforms with intelligent workflows across HR, Finance, Facilities, IT, Marketing, Operations and more. 

Our team is highly experienced in a sector characterised by numerous legacy systems. We take what’s still working, automate and integrate, and add fit-for-purpose solutions where necessary, to create a seamless experience for every one of your stakeholders – internal and external. 

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Why work with Nexon

  • Measure, monitor and plan your business accurately with insights and in-depth but practical data. 
  • Create a more connected campus – whether in-person or online
  • Improve efficiencies and optimise process with automation and integration
  • Create a simple, modern and expected digital experience for your students, employees, researchers and external stakeholders with intelligent workflows and processes
  • Build and refine policies and governance with a true understanding of what’s happening within your organisation
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