Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation's digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities.
Cerebral Palsy Alliance need to transform their business as a whole, to be better prepared for the digital future - with the help of Nexon.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is one such organisation that has embarked on a digital transformation journey, by 2020, to improve the services it provides for people and families living with cerebral palsy, autism, motor neuron disease and other complex neurological and physical disabilities.

The non-profit turned to Nexon to transform the performance of its operations, infrastructure, unified communications and network to support their journey.

Challenged by aging technology

Established in 1945, Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) provides a comprehensive range of neurological and physical services tailored to its client’s needs.

Since then, CPA has undergone significant growth with the extension of its accommodation and respite centres under its Group Homes project.

The Group Homes project has taken CPA’s number of sites from 55 to over 100, supporting around 500 clients. In addition, the project introduced more than 560 new carers, support workers, team leaders and managers in just three months, increasing its number of full-time and casual employees to approximately 1,800.

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Innovative and future oriented

After conducting a competitive process and reviewing a number of different solutions in the market, Cerebral Palsy Alliance selected Nexon for its innovative, scalable and future oriented managed solution.

“Nexon offered us the most innovative and logical approach to driving our transformation, suiting our current and future requirements, particularly where we’re heading with the Cloud,” said Ms. von Drehnen.

The solution

Nexon implemented a number of solutions that has allowed CPA to be scalable and future oriented.

With an enhanced and high performance network, Cloud-based unified communications and 24/7 managed support, CPA were able to transform their business.

It’s about reliability, security and availability of the network. The redundancy and levels of growth that Nexon has built into the network is far beyond what we had previously.
Dru von Drehnen CIO
Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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