CivicRisk Mutual

A complete network and security upgrade improve connectivity and risk management for the future of its members.
Nexon customer success story - CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk Mutual, first established in 1988 in the early days of insurance pooling in NSW, started with six foundation councils from Western Sydney. Today, CivicRisk Mutual has a wider membership base incorporating councils representing the Sydney metropolitan, Illawarra and NSW regional areas. At 24 members, CivicRisk Mutual has come far since its humble beginnings.

The challenge

Service and security improvements

CivicRisk Mutual already had a small outsourced I.T. environment who look after the organisation’s day-to-day activity, but they required complementary services and infrastructure service improvements, all of which Nexon reviewed and provided recommendations towards to ensure CivicRisk’s members had the comfort of premium security over their information.

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The solutions

Provide a secure environment with strong network connectivity, perimeter and penetration testing, migrating all policy documents and required information both internally and externally to relevant intranet Valo and Microsoft SharePoint) and extranet (Valo Entrance).

With an expensive and ageing phone system in place at the time, Nexon moved CivicRisk Mutual to Microsoft Teams and Teams Voice, allowing more flexibility and the ease of ability to work remotely. Hardware, including headsets, were provided to ensure CivicRisk Mutual were using the latest in technology, but the biggest change came in the form of upgrading their intranet services.

The benefits

The thorough perimeter penetration testing and implementation of the new intranet services has provided improved security, flexibility and scalability of their existing services. The team are now able to access their files safely and securely whether they’re in the office, working from home or working remotely.

This also provides cost savings over time and unifies all services under one Microsoft platform, making it far easier to manage. From a security perspective, this also minimises entry points into the environment.

The migration of these services was seamless. We didn’t experience any setbacks and can already see how easy it is to collaborate with our team, even if we’re not always in the office. Nexon has really put our mind at ease with the whole experience and shown we are in safe hands.

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