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interior of busy office
interior of busy office
13th May, 2024 | Nexon

Fortinet Awards Nexon Select Champion of the Year (2023)

We are thrilled to announce that Nexon has been honoured as Fortinet’s 2023 Select Partner of the Year. This prestigious award is a testament to our strong partnership and collaborative efforts with Fortinet.
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8th May, 2024 | David Flanagan

Hurry up AND wait: The case for a three-speed AI strategy for SMEs

Despite the unrelenting release of ‘game-changing’ AI tools, the game remains remarkably unchanged for many traditional SMEs. Yes, AI will transform how we all work, eventually. In the meantime, organisations need a plan to move fast, but not break things.
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17th April, 2024 | Garth Sperring

Unlocking Cloud Agility: Transitioning from MPLS to SD-WAN with Nexon

With the ever-increasing pace of adoption and reliance on cloud-based applications and AI services - the reliability, availability, security and performance of networks capable of supporting emerging technologies and evolving business requirements is critical.
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17th April, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

Cyber criminals dominate organised crime: Experts reveal critical security threats and defences

With names like Volt Typhoon, REvil, DarkSide, Anonymous and Killnet, today's cyber criminals pose and act like cartel kingpins. At our Cyber Insights Briefings, we asked top security advisors to share insights on hacks, ransoms, vulnerabilities and fundamental mistakes organisations make. It was eye-opening.
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14th April, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

How to lead your organisation through a cyber security crisis and bounce back

In recent years, cyber incidents have compromised personal data, cost millions, destroyed careers and trashed brand reputations. As a result, business owners, executives and directors are under pressure to act decisively in an environment of fast change and information overload.
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14th April, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

What the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy means for business leaders

The flurry of news and noise around cyber security can be deafening. As business leaders, how do we stay current? Being up to date is vital to my role, and two recent Australian Government reports are worth your attention.
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