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interior of busy office
interior of busy office
6th December, 2023 | Stephen Ellis

How to deliver modern customer experiences with legacy finance platforms

Financial service providers are wedged between yesterday and tomorrow. While traditional systems still power core solutions (and will for some time), today’s customers expect personalised, real-time service delivery across any channel. How do you bridge the gap without reinventing the wheel?
4 minutes
21st November, 2023 | Dan Weis

From static reports to remediation: the journey to next-level cybersecurity

Our rigorous penetration test reporting is just the beginning. We understand that for most organisations, the real challenge begins with turning those findings into tangible security improvements. That's why we've introduced an intuitive, interactive Penetration Testing Reporting portal that allows you to seamlessly manage your vulnerabilities in a central location for multiple stakeholders to action accordingly.
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20th November, 2023 | Janniek Starren

How Teams proliferation exposes you to security and compliance risks

Remember that cross-functional team that ran the big product launch in 2022? No, neither do I. But it still exists online, complete with sensitive financial documents, third-party access, and private discussions about competitors. Did anyone lock the door on the way out?!?   The recent rush to remote and hybrid work has created a flurry […]
5 minutes
15th November, 2023 | David Russell

Fact or fallacy – is it really possible to circumvent the risk of network outages?

As organisations and as humans,  our collective reliance on and the resilience of critical infrastructure has been highlighted and tested, recently. As a result, our customers are wholeheartedly focused on risk mitigation across their tech stacks with the number one question – “can we ever really circumvent outages across our tech stack and maintain productivity?”. […]
3 minutes
8th November, 2023 | Garth Sperring

How a ‘partner of partners’ helps you navigate the enterprise tech puzzle

As enterprise technology fragments into a puzzle of cloud platforms, legacy systems, apps and integrations, piecing it together is harder than ever. The ‘platform of platforms’ concept has been around for a while, but maybe it’s time for a ‘partner of partners’ to deliver unified solutions built to evolve fast.
4 minutes
2nd November, 2023 | Fernanda Bispo

What is Enterprise Architecture, and how can it help you achieve digital transformation?

In our previous blog, we shared our top 6 tips on how to operationalise corporate strategy. In this blog, we take the ‘how’ to the next level, sharing how enterprise architecture can provide immediate impact. We’re often helping organisations transform, whether it’s through technology or by supporting their digital transformation journey, we’re involved in providing […]
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