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interior of busy office
interior of busy office
8th July, 2024 | Craig Johnson

Streamline Your Communication: Simplify Call Handling with Call Park on Zoom Phone and Poly Desk Phones

Effective call management is crucial for any business, and features like call park can significantly enhance your communication workflow. Zoom Phone offers a powerful call park feature that, when combined with Poly desk phone, provides a seamless and efficient experience. In this article, I’ll explain how to use call park in Zoom Phone and how to configure aim park call on Poly phone, making your call management process smoother and more productive.
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27th June, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

Threat intelligence: Transform your data from hidden liability to strategic asset

Customer data has long been seen as the new oil for businesses to monetise. However, circling cyber criminals, privacy backlash and tightening compliance rules can turn valuable data oil into dangerous asbestos if it is mishandled. That’s where threat intelligence is essential.
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17th June, 2024 | Elliot Jurd

Efficiency and beyond: Is your university sitting on an AI data goldmine?

The education sector is under pressure to evolve from all sides. While modernising efficiency and student experience using AI tools is a burning priority, there's an even bigger potential opportunity that leverages unique assets that faculties have built up over decades.
4 minutes
11th June, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

AUSCERT2024 wrap: Let’s talk phishing-as-a-service and tightening data privacy rules

The Nexon team gathered with hundreds of delegates and vendors on the Gold Coast for four days of workshops, presentations, and meetups. There was a lot to learn from groundbreaking security innovations and chats with industry experts.
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5th June, 2024 | Craig Johnson

Enhancing workplace flexibility: Enabling hot desking for Poly desk phones in Zoom

In the era of hybrid work models, flexibility is key to maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction. Hot desking, a workspace sharing model where multiple employees use a single physical workstation during different time periods, has become a popular solution for maximising office space and accommodating flexible work schedules. Zoom, combined with Poly phones, offers a […]
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1st June, 2024 | Craig Johnson

Simplifying the Process: Provisioning Poly desk phones in Zoom

In today’s fast-paced work environment, seamless communication is crucial for maintaining productivity and collaboration. Zoom, a leader in video conferencing and communication solutions, has made strides in integrating hardware with its platform to offer a more unified communication experience.
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