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interior of busy office
interior of busy office
17th June, 2024 | Elliot Jurd

Efficiency and beyond: Is your university sitting on an AI data goldmine?

The education sector is under pressure to evolve from all sides. While modernising efficiency and student experience using AI tools is a burning priority, there's an even bigger potential opportunity that leverages unique assets that faculties have built up over decades.
4 minutes
11th June, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

AUSCERT2024 wrap: Let’s talk phishing-as-a-service and tightening data privacy rules

The Nexon team gathered with hundreds of delegates and vendors on the Gold Coast for four days of workshops, presentations, and meetups. There was a lot to learn from groundbreaking security innovations and chats with industry experts.
4 minutes
30th May, 2024 | Nexon

Nexon Asia Pacific Wins Genesys APAC Digital and AI Partner of the Year

We are proud to announce that Nexon Asia Pacific has been recognised as the 2024 Genesys APAC Digital and AI Partner of the Year at the esteemed Genesys APAC Partner Conference in Bangkok Thailand.
2 minutes
29th May, 2024 | Paul Edmondson

The Importance of Employee Cyber Security Training

Discover the importance of employee cyber security training in safeguarding your organisation. Learn how it can prevent data breaches, comply with laws, and foster a secure corporate culture. Equip your workforce to be the first line of defence against cyber threats.
5 minutes
27th May, 2024 | Garth Sperring

Did you lock the back door? Why operational technology (OT) is a rising target for cybercrime

The heat has been on securing corporate IT systems from hackers, but the rise of connected devices in industrial operations exposes new vulnerabilities and risks that can be more damaging than data breaches.
4 minutes
24th May, 2024 | Nexon

The Strategic Advantage of Integrating Genesys Cloud with ServiceNow

Discover how integrating Genesys Cloud with ServiceNow can transform your organisation, streamline operations, and elevate customer experiences. Embrace digital innovation to stay agile and competitive.
4 minutes