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At Nexon, we use technology to help our clients be more. Our solutions can help you run more efficiently, create better user experiences and explore bigger opportunities. We’ll design, build and support your entire I.T environment so that it directly supports your business goals.

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At Nexon, we work with organisations that seek to leverage the power of technology to explore bigger and better business opportunities.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral Palsy Alliance need to transform their business as a whole, to be better prepared for the digital future - with the help of Nexon


Imaxeon improved their service contract management and sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - transforming their operations with the help of Nexon.

Vodafone have been using the SWITCHgate system developed by Nexon for well over a decade. SWITCHgate functionality allows Vodafone to automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of services, numbers and porting across a variety of platforms, which SWITCHgate does seamlessly.

Nexon understands our business needs and technology - It’s a great recipe for a continued partnership that initially started with network support and now extends to include managed services, unified communications & security, as partnering in our overall digital transformation journey.

Nexon worked closely with us as we implemented a new regulatory information system. It was a very productive partnership and we felt ‘in safe hands’ as Nexon guided us through the architecture and data model design.

Nexon has been our long-time I.T. partner, they understand our business needs and based on our requirement, designed and implemented an integrated solution that connect our field staff and corporate office.

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In a complex digital world that is rapidly changing, relationships are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of successful enterprises. This is because organisations need to make individual connections with diverse stakeholder groups including customers, prospects, suppliers, members, employees, and other stakeholders.