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Dashboard digital solution
Dashboard digital solution

End to end digital solutions

Successful organisations engage and empower customers and employees in a seamless, productive way. Nexon helps to remove the friction that substandard systems and processes create. Improve your employee morale and productivity, streamline the customer experience, and experiment and innovate – securely – with Nexon.

Work with us to:

  • Access expertise for digital solutions boost competitiveness, enhance operational efficiency and innovation
  • Get the most out of digital – fast. Unlock value by modernising and integrating applications with a reliable and certified partner
  • Enable seamless, data-driven customer and employee experiences, improving satisfaction and problem resolution
  • Remove the guesswork, with data driven decision making, automation and business intelligence across all customer platforms
  • Ensure your solution is secure and the right choice for your organisation’s needs.

We have the complete capability – not just Digital Solutions – across cloud, network, security, unified communications, consulting, professional and managed services. Plan your future with an end-to-end digital roadmap aligned with your objectives and current environment.

Needs assessment

When you have information across multiple systems or you don’t trust the accuracy of data, it’s difficult to generate meaningful insights to make quick and informed business decisions. Add to this, complexity and lack of consistency and process and you will be hard pressed to manage and control your environment, let alone innovate.

We help you get back in control.

How we do it

At Nexon, we take the time to uncover and understand your organisation, before scoping a solution at the scale and pace that suits your needs.

We consider the steps you’ve already taken and your gaps to ensure you get progress and value from the beginning.

Our consultants collaborate with your team, to discover the challenges, clarify your requirements, engage stakeholders, review business processes and objectives, and uncover how you can best be supported by technology.

Our professional services extend beyond the technical scope and include a people-lead change management approach to ensure the right outcomes and experiences are achieved at all levels across the organisation, including the end users.

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Customer experience strategy

Bad customer experiences start with impersonal and inconsistent service delivery, misinformed staff and disconnected service channels.

Good customer experiences start with a complete view of customer interactions, preferences and history. Nexon will help you to identify moments of opportunity to support, guide and delight your customers through their lifecycle.

We’ll design, deliver and scale your ideal customer experience together.

A Nexon customer experience strategy will help your organisation to:

  • Better manage and communicate with prospects and customers across your organisation – front office, back office, warehouse, on the road
  • Deploy and integrate Contact Centre, CRM and cloud voice technologies and workflows to drive the experience forward
  • Automate key engagement processes for consistency, continuity and reporting
  • Gain a complete view of your customer interactions and equip your people to deliver personalised and efficient experiences

Our change management experience, services and processes will ensure your solution is not just delivered, but championed within your organisation.

Enterprise Service Management strategy

The way a customer experiences your service will stick with them. So make the right impression with a best-of-breed service management platform.

Spanning all lines of business from sales, marketing, HR, IT, facilities, field services to finance we:

  • Unlock seamless and efficient field service, keeping customers, field agents and teams productive and improving satisfaction across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Connect people, functions, and systems across your organisation
  • Lower your cost of service by optimising resources and effort, and gain predictive support that enhances your service experience

We’ve been delivering business technology solutions for over 20 years, always with our clients objectives in mind.

Our experience, depth of knowledge and change management expertise enables us to connect the organisation with the appropriate technology solution, end-to-end while enabling the end users through adoption, improvement and longevity.

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Data strategy

Data complexity will stop progress in its tracks – and lead to higher operating and maintenance costs.

Our solutions simplify the complex, and deliver trusted insights for fast, accurate decisions. We design intelligent data solutions based on how your data is acquired, consumed, managed, governed and integrated.

How we do it

We consult with you to define what metrics are important to measure (and which are not). We’ll determine which insights are needed to make better decisions and substantiate them with compelling, visual data stories.

A 360-degree view of business information from anywhere is the fundamental building block for efficient operations. Consolidated, organised data drives data accuracy and helps your organisation effectively manage performance, while systematically adhering to any compliance requirements.

Application modernisation

We know how to manage new technology projects while supporting your legacy applications. We work with you to evaluate your current architecture, applying software engineering practices to deliver an advanced architecture. We help you leverage serverless or container technologies to transform your applications and immediately benefit from the scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness of the cloud.

Our application modernisation approach is driven by automation at its core enabling automated delivery and infrastructure-as-code, we ensure your organisation has the technology strategies to achieve quick wins – standardised, repetitive and resilient, and with minimised technical debt.


Slow software delivery times and tired IT development and operations processes will not only leave you lagging behind the competition, but will also lead to staff attrition.

With Nexon’s DevOps, you’ll have access to the skilled resources to deliver applications faster and automate processes to facilitate an agile and collaborative culture – attracting top talent and keeping your organisation on the leading edge.

Cloud migration

Nexon will consolidate and modernise your services to SaaS. We re-platfrom, leveraging native cloud offerings, to securely govern and improve your infrastructure. We reduce your infrastructure footprint, application landscape and your threat vectors. Our managed services delivery will optimise deployments or updates and patching to ensure your environment remains secure.

Nexon’s DevOps capabilities, our automated approach to creating a secure landing zone during your cloud migration, and our ‘DevOps on Day 1’ philosophy will ensure security, compliance and consistency for your cloud migration.


Nexon automates secure repeatable landing zones on any cloud with our infrastructure as code approach. We automate repeatable tasks to drive efficiencies and speed of delivery. Our managed services can automate governance reporting for compliance, patch management and security alerts.

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End-to-end architecture

Whether you want to leverage new technologies, modernise legacy investments, optimise existing processes or integrate digital platforms, we can help.

Through a consultative approach and the strategic integration of systems and infrastructures, our expert solutions will give your business the operational agility it needs to scale and grow over time.

From consulting and solution design through to proactive management and improvement, we can:

  • Help to introduce automation, intelligent workflows for efficient, secure processes
  • Integrate platforms to drive more scalable, agile ways of working.
  • Seamlessly connect technology systems into one network to drive operational efficiency
  • Develop self-service functionality for more rewarding customer experiences

Change management strategy

A focus on project delivery, budgets and technical solutions will get your project delivered, but not necessarily result in successful adoption.

Our change management services complement your project delivery with an additional layer of oversight, dedicated focus on the end user and strategic objectives. We implement a three-phase approach:

  1. Plan – we strive to understand your organisation holistically and identify risks and impacts to your people, operations, and customers. 
  2. Manage – we create and implement strategies with the end-users front of mind.
  3. Monitor and reinforce – we focus on achieving business benefits and resolving any gaps that may have arisen during the project delivery.
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