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Managed Services done differently
business professionals meeting room cloud strategy
business professionals meeting room cloud strategy

Delivering a project is one thing, deploying a project or solution with the knowledge that you’re going to be managing, maintaining and optimising for the long term – that’s a more complex undertaking.

It’s called Nexon Managed Services. It takes great depth of knowledge and capability as well as the ability to maintain client connection. It also delivers you a much more strategic, long-term solution with a team that will stand by it for years to come.

We are your trusted advisor through all stages of the customer lifecycle. We will deliver you a proactive engagement, scaling with you as you grow and mature, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Nexon’s Managed Service Engagement model​

Our broad suite of solutions enables us to deliver the secure, reliable and integrated solutions that our mid-market and government clients need. But it is our engagement model that really sets us apart.


We build a scalable roadmap for you, ensuring the short term measures are scalable into the long term, and any technologies are aligned with current investments.


We transform organisational technology into data-driven, responsive mechanisms that help the organisation respond to opportunities.

Secure and

We secure and protect your most valuable assets so your organisation sustains productivity and business continuity.

Monitor, manage
and optimise

We continually monitor, manage and optimise to improve your environment and boost efficiency.

Support and

We have the systems, people and mindset to support and govern your environment end-to-end.
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Our multi-level engagement approach offers clients continuous support that is ever-present, connecting the right people and rich expertise to your organisation.


This type of engagement will give your organisation stability, with open dialogue between Nexon’s service delivery team, your organisation on day-to-day and task driven support.


This engagement is driven by our Project Management Office and/ or Service Delivery team and will optimise the delivery of your organisation’s project-lead initiatives.


Receive business and IT alignment, program planning and strategic advancement. This type of engagement is focussed on transforming your organisation and roadmapping a technology solution to meet your requirements – now and into the future. This type of engagement offers access to client executives, product leads and service delivery managers.

How we do it

We take the time to understand your organisation, to look at your current state and where you want to be in the future – and bring those two things together.

We create an engagement model to ensure governance, compliance and continuous service improvement. This model provides a regular cadence for both strategic and business-as-usual care.

We have both depth of knowledge in specific areas, but also across a broad tech stack.

But what really sets us apart is our ability to scale our unique customer care model, sustaining close, transparent relationships. We measure client satisfaction during every interaction all the way through the client’s lifecycle. At each point we ask for and seek out opportunities to refine, improve and better our service.

Our Client Happiness Model provides measurable value with instant feedback and a closed loop process that gives you insights and analytics on call resolutions, and outcomes we’re responsible for. 

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High-quality outcomes

Nexon operates under ISO 27001, ITIL standards, compliance and governance standards, ensuring you get the highest quality outcomes for your organisation.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly and consistently looking for new opportunities which will drive your organisation forward. And with experience and expertise end-to-end, our people are especially equipped to pinpoint areas to improve upon and transform.

Strategic optimisation

We pride ourselves on looking past business-as-usual, to see the opportunities for strategic optimisation in your organisation. We have expert resources end-to-end, ready and waiting to deploy the right features and updates at the right time for the best organisational outcomes.

Frictionless experiences

As your end-to-end managed services partner, we can see where friction exists and remove barriers to successful transformation. We simplify and consolidate with our integrated approach, so you can get back to what’s most important.

Leverage service desk expertise

Deliver quality technical support to every end user across a diverse technology stack. Nexon will dramatically improve your help desk response times and give you access to better insights and reports. Our 24/7 service desk experts are available via phone, email or online to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Better device, application and hardware compliance

Let Nexon remove the complexity of managing multiple devices within your organisation. We will securely and cost-effectively provision, secure and support your mobile fleet and remove user-issue and maintenance headaches from your IT team.

Risk reduction

We share the risk, share the passion and share the partnership with our unique customer care model, where we take responsibility for the outcome.

Our uniquely broad capability allows us to provide the secure, dependable and integrated solutions that our clients need, from end-to-end.

This, plus an expert and experienced team and established processes, allows us to simplify, consolidate and manage your environment, while proactively looking for strategic opportunities to improve. Our high-touch delivery ensures you feel empowered, equipped and that you’re always moving forward.

Rather than working from a reactive position, we help you get ahead of your internal gaps and accelerate your aligned technology roadmap. At Nexon, we work with you on the needs of today while readying you for where you need to be in the future.

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Case studies

Flick Anticimex

How a leading pest control and hygiene company embraced digital transformation with Nexon to enhance productivity and enable growth. 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

A not-for-profit organisation’s digital transformation improves services for people living with disabilities.

Ord Minnett

Nexon has secured a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement with Ord Minnett to transition the company’s existing IT services to a new technology stack.

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