Financial services technology solutions

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people working in office cloud implementation
people working in office cloud implementation

Technology solutions to grow with your organisation

Financial service organisations are facing increased compliance demands, influential market conditions, ever-changing client demands and the threat of cybercrime. Add to this an ever-evolving suite of technologies that are developing alongside your advancing industry and you’ve got a recipe for complexity.

Complexity, compliance pressure and cybercrime are today’s pressures. Addressing these, while also reducing technology expenditure, requires some expertise. Whether you need help consolidating and optimising cloud technologies, evolving your applications with DevOps or securing your networks and data, Nexon can help. 

Nexon takes the time to understand your situation and provide the business solution that will fix the problem today, and scale with the organisation tomorrow. We merge technical rigour with strong business acumen and a future view to create commercially sound outcomes for our financial services clients. 

Financial services technology solutions

As customer expectations evolve, so do the needs of your financial services organisation. Industry-specific solutions will help you streamline daily operations, reinforce data security, enable new business models to capitalise on new opportunities and strengthen customer loyalty.

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We care about your business

We deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions to help financial service providers across Australia achieve and maintain compliance, improve experiences and fuel innovation.

Our unique customer engagement model and award-winning local team combined with our full suite of technology solutions, provides you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your value-adding work.

We’re an extension of your team

Our helpdesk capabilities allow us to become an extension of your internal team. We give you access to a highly skilled team which enables your organisation to not only manage your day to day operations and platforms, but to optimise and scale them for better business outcomes. 

Why work with Nexon

  • Improve efficiency by automating audit and compliance processes, while maintaining APRA compliance
  • Improve client relationships with more personalised service 
  • Ensure cyber security and keep confidential data secure
  • Improve forecasting, budgeting, situational planning and reporting for better business outcomes
  • Improve collaboration and communication for better productivity
  • Save time with access to a single point of contact for your end-to-end technology solutions
  • Improve cash flow, save time by speeding up processing, and reduce administration costs
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