KU Children’s Services

Better connectivity and tools improve outcomes for childcare provider with the help from Nexon Asia Pacific.

For more than 120 years KU Children’s Services (KU) has helped shape the lives of Australians by providing early childhood and pre-school education. Whilst they have stayed true to their core mission, they needed to adapt to the times especially in providing digital and technology services. These new services allow a geographically distributed business to run efficiently, encourage better internal collaboration and enhance communication and interaction with parents.

The challenge

Cloud empowering service improvements

A first attempt at digitisation led to an unstable connectivity environment, subject to outages, with locked-in proprietary services.

The impact on the business was that they were not able to realise expected improvements in efficiency, productivity and communication. In addition, new tools to enhance stakeholder engagement were underutilised due to frustrations with connectivity.

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The solution

Nexon introduced their Next Generation Managed Services model to KU and created an innovative fit for purpose solution for components based on their MPLS network.

Nexon’s high performance managed network services combine best-in-class technology with seamless carrier access to create agile, robust and scalable network environments. Nexon’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) service offers a secure, scalable and cost-effective Wide Area Network (WAN) solution for private telecommunications networks.

The benefits

The old solution provided limited bandwidth and weak wireless coverage across the KU Childcare Centres, which meant that tools performed poorly.

By migrating to Nexon’s secure managed network services, the considerably improved bandwidth means that file uploads – even large video clips – can take place in seconds improving efficiency and encouraging greater use of the service.

Significantly improved local bandwidth leading to greater adoption of tools to better communicate with parents and staff, a smooth transition programme that minimised downtime, and greater organisation wide efficiencies.


The staff Storypark experience has been significantly improved by the Nexon implementation through considerably increased connection speed.

~ Mark Matovina IT Manager, KU Children’s Services


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