Lowes extends their partnership with Nexon to future-proof how they securely connect and collaborate with staff and customers.

Lowes Australia have been a household name in the Australian retail clothing space for over 120 years. With over 200 stores nationwide and being 100% Australian owned, Lowes’ lines of menswear and school uniforms have long been the staples of many Australian family wardrobes.

The brand has always been at the forefront of the retail industry, adapting to the changing needs of Australians and implementing ethical sourcing and manufacturing standards. Like many in the retail sector, they currently face the challenge of dealing with digital disruption.

The challenge

Mitigating the risk of Lowes’ ageing technology

Lowes is at the forefront of innovation in Australia’s retail industry. One of their strategic focuses in recent years has been to drive a change in perception of the brand and modernise the organisation in the process. In order to bring in new customers while still servicing and maintaining their existing customers, Lowes identified the need to digitally transform.

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The solution

Lowes signed up with Nexon in July 2018 for head office and store network, cloud telephony, centralised security, cloud infrastructure and IT device replacement across stores. This agreement will now see Nexon managing Lowes’ complete IT environment with 24/7 managed support.

The benefits

The solution will provide the organisation with a standardised technology footprint, offering a better, more reliable and secure architecture across the entire office and store network. This will allow for a reduction in troubleshooting for the organisation’s in-house IT team.

  • Secure, scalable network
  • Minimal to no disruption for retail locations throughout transition
  • Ongoing simplified network and infrastructure management
  • Standardised technology across Lowes’stores

Nexon are accommodating to our needs and planned a roll out to meet our requirements with limited internal IT resources on the project.

~ Geoff Paine CIO, Lowes


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