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Seamless integration, support and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE for tailored, end-to-end data-informed solutions.

Nexon CRM Solutions - MS Dynamics 365 Empower your organisation to seize opportunities with Dynamics 365

Drive productivity, continuity and growth in your organisation with Nexon’s expertise in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE).

As a dedicated Microsoft partner, we equip you with tools to transform your operational landscape. Focus on outcomes with Dynamics 365 CE, not just as a software solution, but as a strategic asset in your organisation’s journey.

Transform your customer experience strategy

As a customer experience leader, you need to stay ahead in a dynamic landscape. Transform how you manage customer engagements and gain operational insights by consolidating your organisation’s systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE).

Break down departmental silos and gain a single version of truth by unifying data, giving you comprehensive visibility into customers, sales, service, and business operations.

Optimise and automate your workflows by standardising operations with configurable processes, reducing manual efforts and improving transparency.

Access integrated customer profiles and interaction history to foster meaningful engagements, underpinned by automation and AI-powered insights that help you scale your efforts.

Surface trends, model forecasts, spot emerging needs, and identify operational bottlenecks with built-in BI tools, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Leverage voice-of-customer and operational analytics to envision high-impact products, services, and engagement channels that meet evolving customer needs.

Implement identity and access controls alongside auditing and cybersecurity protections, keeping your customer data safe and compliant.

Nexon CRM solutions Transform your customer experience strategy

Reach out to Nexon today and discover how we can assist you in leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to reimagine your customer experience strategy.

Drive transformation through expert guidance and delivery with Nexon

Our team of experts provide complete life cycle services spanning advisory, architecture, deployment and support to drive adoption and business value.

Exploring alternatives? Discover the versatility of Microsoft Power Apps with Nexon

If you’ve already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, it makes sense to consider digital enhancements to processes leveraging Microsoft Power Apps. With Nexon’s expertise, your organisation can harness the power of this robust platform to create, innovate, and streamline without the constraints of traditional coding.

Our approach at Nexon is all about empowerment and partnership. We guide you through the expansive capabilities of Microsoft technologies, ensuring that your journey from uncertainty to digital empowerment is smooth and informed. Discover how you can transform your data into action, foster collaboration, and make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Nexon CRM solutions- NDIS Participation Management Are you a provider offering disability support services? Look no further than CarePoint

Are you a provider offering disability support services? Look no further than CarePoint.

Empower your disability support journey with our tailored solution designed specifically for providers navigating the complexities of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Managing disability support can be both crucial and challenging, but with our integrated platform, we streamline every aspect, from participant data management to plan creation and reporting.

That’s why we designed CarePoint, a Microsoft Power Apps-based solution purpose-built to help providers improve NDIS participant management.

Key capabilities CarePoint delivers:

CarePoint facilitates capturing and managing all participant information in one place. It also integrates with Microsoft Business Central, extending robust functionalities around billing, invoicing, payments reconciliation and financial reporting.

With CarePoint, Nexon empowers disability support providers to effectively track, manage and report on participant well-being and plan outcomes – delivering quality compliance with the NDIS while optimising staff productivity.

Why choose Nexon?

We specialise in delivering tailored digital solutions for diverse sectors, focusing on non-profits, wholesale distribution, and higher education. Our expertise in these industries allows us to understand and address their unique digital challenges, ensuring optimal results and enhanced operational efficiency.

Nexon CRM - Specialist partner

Specialist partner

Nexon is a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution partner for Business Applications, customising the right solution for your organisation.

Nexon CRM - 23+ years of experience

23+ years experience

We’ve been helping clients to design, implement and manage their ERP requirements for more than 20 years, helping numerous organisational growth models leveraging Microsoft 365.

Nexon CRM - Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP

Nexon holds vertical expertise with dedicated IP that serves a national client base in the areas of project costing (including NDIS), supply chain/high-tech manufacturing solutions and payroll.

Nexon CRM - Experienced Consultants

Experienced consultants

Our team consists of experienced product and industry experts. We have a long history of successful implementations across project management, remote delivery and on-site support, multi-site deployments, and resurrecting mismanaged implementations.

Frequently asked questions

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is a suite of applications within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line. It is designed to help organisations manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve relationships, assist in customer retention, and drive sales growth.The suite boasts specialised modules for sales, customer service, field service, and project service automation, each designed to optimise distinct facets of customer engagement.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 CE for your organisation:

Empower Sales Teams: The Sales module arms your sales force with sophisticated tools to efficiently manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions. With insights into customer preferences and behaviours, your team can conduct personalised, timely interactions, resulting in higher sales conversion rates.

Elevate Customer Service: The Customer Service module transforms your service delivery, enabling effective case management and consistent resolution of inquiries across different channels. This elevates customer satisfaction and fosters loyalty, setting new standards for customer service excellence.

Improve Field Services: Improve your field operations with the Field Service module. It streamlines the scheduling, dispatching, and tracking of field personnel, enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction with efficient work order management and real-time updates.

Leverage Customer Insights: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights brings a sophisticated customer data platform (CDP) and journey orchestration tool under one roof. This dual capability allows your organisation to deliver personalised experiences and craft customised customer journeys, bolstering loyalty and retention.

Optimise Project Management: The Project Automation module aids in seamless project planning, resource management, and team collaboration. This ensures timely completion of projects, efficient resource allocation, and meeting of all project objectives, streamlining project execution from start to finish.

We advise, implement and support the deployment of the cloud based solution to achieve the desired outcome clients are looking for. We help from solution assessment,architecture planning, implementation and change management. Spanning all lines of business from sales, marketing, field services, finance,  operations and logistics, our Digital Solutions  consultants work with clients to transform processes into data-driven, responsive mechanisms that help the organisation respond to opportunities.

Yes, we provide continuous on-site and remote support.

Yes, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can be integrated with other business systems. Microsoft provides various tools and connectors, such as Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow), Logic Apps, and the Azure platform, to facilitate integration with other Dynamics 365 applications, Microsoft services like Office 365, and third-party systems.

To leverage Copilot, you can use features such as AI-driven insights, predictive analytics, and automated workflows within Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 Copilot combines CRM & ERP to enable businesses to improve their everyday capabilities including:

  • Utilising AI to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks e.g customer response emails and Microsoft Teams meeting summaries.
  • Delivering AI-powered customer care where agents  answers to queries in chat and email are thorough and contextual. Plus AI-powered expertise to answer customer questions 24/7.
  • Simplifying workflows, data exploration, audience segmentation and content creation using CoPilot in Dynamics 365 CE Insights

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and a data platform provided by Microsoft that enables the rapid development of custom applications. You can use Power Apps to build custom applications without the need for professional programming skills. 

Similar to Power Apps, the inclusion of PowerBI with your Dynamics 365 subscription depends on the type of plan you have. PowerBI is Microsoft’s business analytics service that provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities. Some Dynamics 365 subscriptions include PowerBI, while others might require you to purchase PowerBI separately. Check your subscription details or consult with Microsoft support to find out if PowerBI is included in your Dynamics 365 subscription.

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