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A range of cloud solutions to fit your organisational needs

colleagues in busy office cloud services
colleagues in busy office cloud services

Nexon is committed to getting you the right cloud for the right workload.

We’ll take the time to understand your situation and provide the cloud solution that will fix the problem today, and scale with the organisation tomorrow. We merge technical rigour with strong business acumen and a future view to create commercially sound outcomes for you.

Using best-of-breed platforms, we create opportunities and future-proof your organisation.

Nexon provides clients a multi-cloud offering, tailor-made to your unique needs. We take the time to understand your organisational requirements, and independently recommend the right cloud for the right workload.

Public Cloud

We’re with you every step of the way on your cloud transformation journey. We help you scale operations and migrate workloads to the cloud, rapidly and securely. This enables the adoption of new ways of working, optimising architectures, applications, and data, and leveraging the benefits of increased performance.

We provide services which create the scaffolding for modern application delivery:

  • Assess: Whilst most businesses have common requirements, we understand that every business has things which make them unique. Our assessment process uses a combination of people, process and automation tools to allow us to recommend the best future state for your workloads. 

  • Secure Foundations: Our approach is to provide secured, repeatable deployments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which allow you to increase flexibility, save time, reduce cost and improve reliability of services. CI/CD methodology enable you to deliver modern applications rapidly, securely and reliably.

  • DevSecOps: Once a secure foundation is built, we help you standardise your application delivery by building secure deployment pipelines. We leverage industry-standard tools and CI/CD methodology to enable you to deliver modern applications rapidly, securely and reliably.   

  • App Modernisation: We identify your workloads that use legacy technology and approaches and look to create new business value by repurposing, consolidating and modernising them – transforming them to cloud-native applications.

  • Business Continuity: All workloads have different business continuity requirements. We work with your key stakeholders to create the right plan for each workload to make sure that you can continue to do business, no matter the disruption in your landscape.

Nexon Cloud

Specialised for traditional VM workloads, this solution creates a stable foundation which can be used as a springboard on their digital transformation journey.

This solution enables you to: 

  • Have flexible contracts to allow for transitioning workloads to new modes of operation
  • Avoid large up-front capital expenses
  • Optimise environments and applications for performance 
  • Assure organisational continuity, with modern data protection
  • Achieve strong compliance and reduce risk 
  • Eliminate costs associated with the management and maintenance of on-site infrastructure
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Private Cloud

For remote sites, edge computing and dedicated environments. This solution delivers dedicated resources for specific requirements.

It features: 

  • A choice of on-prem data centre or remote hosting 
  • Optimisation of converged platforms 
  • Edge computing to capture raw data

Whichever solution is right for you, Nexon will consult, design, implement, secure and provide the appropriate governance that future-proofs your organisation. 

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