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Nexon employee on phone in office
Nexon employee on phone in office

You can always spot a Nexon person: experienced, professional, diligent and friendly.

We go about our work in a way that is resilient yet flexible, with a constant focus on delivering the right solution for today and tomorrow. But more than anything, we care. We care about our clients’ organisations and we care about the impact we have on their success.

Who works at Nexon?

Nexon people are always responsive to change, finding ways to drive projects forward without losing sight of the bigger picture. They’re constantly keen to try something new and are always looking to drive better outcomes for our clients and our organisation.

Sound like you?

Nexon’s culture

At Nexon, our most valuable resource is our people – ask any one of us, and we’ll say we’re a community at heart. We hire intelligent, attentive, accomplished professionals who are always learning and developing; they’re digital technology experts who thrive in our fast-paced industry. 

We’re particularly proud that as we’ve grown, our culture has remained steadfast. We create an environment where our great people can do their great work. A place where people can be themselves, have a laugh and get results for our clients.

nexon employees in office

Nexon's Values

Our values and actions make Nexon who we are today which is why we choose to amplify our values in every interaction.

  • We are Invested in what we do and are committed to building a brighter and secure future for our clients and our business to drive better outcomes. Nexon people go above and beyond to make an impact and achieve our collective goals. We’re in it for the long run and we’re in it together.
  • Our service model and practice is built on capturing our clients’ Happiness. We care about delivering service excellence and better outcomes that drive our clients and our business forward. We inspire a culture of resourceful, accountable behaviours that ensures every Nexon person goes the extra mile to help clients succeed. How? By living our values and fulfilling and delivering the outcomes we promise.
  • We are Passionate. We love what we do and are determined and relentless in the pursuit of our goals. We never let set backs deter us from our vision and we’re fuelled by a passion for technology and what we do.
  • We work with Integrity: fostering a culture of open, honest communication and trust internally, and with our clients -setting high standards for our behaviour and doing right by our clients and our colleagues in every interaction. Nexon people are honest, open and always express gratitude when others help. Respect, accountability and reliability are demonstrated consistently.
  • We are Empowered to innovate and drive change for both our clients and our organisation. Our team accepts ideas and input, sets clear expectations and gives and recieves constructive feedback. With transparency and good communication, our vision and roadmap to our desired outcomes is clear – allowing our team members to work autonomously and drive positive action.

Working at Nexon

Nexon is a fast-paced environment where the people aim high and achieve high!

We’re an agile team and we encourage flexible working. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are not just at the heart of what we do, they’re the very core of who we are. And we’re always on the lookout for investing in learning and development opportunities.

At Nexon, the people often say that it feels like family. This requires trust, empowerment and accountability – which have become instrumental in our success and growth.

Hiring process

At Nexon we have a dedicated Talent and Acquisition team that attracts only the people with the passion and aligned values to take the journey with us.

Phone screen

Phone screen

Technical Interview

Manager interview

Background Check and On-boarding Paperwork

Background Check and On-boarding Paperwork

Join the Nexon community

Join the Nexon community

Current Job Opportunities

We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join the Nexon family.
If you are interested in a career with us, please write to us at