Detect, manage and respond

Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

woman smiling in a busy office
woman smiling in a busy office

Nexon detects, manages and responds 24×7 X365, so you can have peace of mind.

We collect and correlate logs from security infrastructure, network, and endpoints to detect, manage and process alerts and events – prioritising and actioning remediation activities to re-secure your environment efficiently and effectively.  

Experience scalable and modular support, ranging from augmentation of security capability to a fully managed security service, including:

  • Incident management focused on remediating security breaches  
  • Security operations automation 
  • Security incident response

‘Round-the-clock' monitoring

Protect your assets – even while you sleep. 

Nexon offers a complete security solution to help secure businesses. We partner with you to deploy a managed security service, monitoring events from your network, server and application infrastructure as well as from cloud services to proactively identify suspicious behaviour, quickly react and defend against attacks and enable compliance reporting.

Nexon’s local Security Operation Centre (SOC) operates 24×7 x 365 with our analysts identifying, investigating, prioritising, and resolving events and issues that could affect your organisation’s critical infrastructure and data.

Offered as a SaaS model, the complete service makes it affordable and easy for you to adopt, while providing better visibility, continuous protection, ongoing regulatory compliance, centralised knowledge and forensic analysis and reports. 

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How we do it

Technology Platform (SIEM & SOAR)

Collect security data

From network devices, firewalls, servers, desktop endpoints, Public Cloud, Microsoft 365 APIs

Extract, Transform, Store

Normalise, aggregate, encrypt and securely store event data


Apply analytics to data to discover trends and anomalies, detect threats, and enable investigation of any alerts

People (SOC)


Use expertise and threat intelligence to investigate security incidents and prevent breaches, 24X7x365

Threat Hunting

Proactive hunt through the environment by senior security analysts to discover suspicious or malicious activity

Incident Response

Incident response resources available to help in the event of a specific cyber security incident such as an active incursion

Take advantage of Nexon’s deep experience

Our 24x7x365 monitoring and analysis exposes trends and threat patterns to stay aware and forewarned of potential threats and risks.

Managed security and support

Whether your business is challenged with IT budgets, facing resource pressures, or struggling to navigate the vast landscape of cyber threats and attacks, we’re here to help with our managed security service. Our in-house, Australia-based SOC delivers a measurable reduction in impact on your critical services and assets – and reduces risk.

Unlike other security service suppliers, we provide operational, tactical and strategic support throughout your environment. Our specialist security team is constantly looking for opportunities for your environment to be improved – in productivity, security, continuity, and efficiency.

Find out more about our managed services solutions.

Case studies

Ord Minnett

Nexon has secured a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement with Ord Minnett to transition the company’s existing IT services to a new technology stack.

Pitcher Partners

Enabling a service-based firm to focus on what matters most: their customers.

MTC Australia

Digital-first policy paying off for MTC Australia through Nexon.

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