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Cybersecurity services to secure your organisation

cyber security man typing on computer
cyber security man typing on computer

Find the most appropriate security solutions to protect your digital environment.

Nexon has invested heavily in qualified, certified, and experienced security team members to provide the best possible guidance. 

As part of our service, our agile approach to vendor selection ensures we identify the best vendors across every information security need to provide specific and measurable value for our clients. 

Work with a partner that continuously monitors the market for innovative solutions and recommends only the best-of-breed security solutions that meet your exact need, however diverse or obscure.  Mitigate risk in an ever-evolving threat landscape, with Nexon.

Future proof your business

Nexon advisory services

Our cyber security services are scalable, flexible and tailored to the size and risk landscape of your organisation.

Penetration testing

Uncover and address security vulnerabilities within your existing environments before they are leveraged. Increase your security posture to include internal and external networks, web applications, wireless and more.

Security awareness training

Ensure your team can identify and react appropriately to a cyber security threat with the right training.

Security readiness assessment and threat simulations

Understand your security posture through threat simulations using the same techniques as malicious threat actors to identify security vulnerabilities and assess the response of your IT and Security teams. 

Vulnerability assessment and management

Audit your entire network to identify and prioritise security vulnerabilities. Get a password audit to identify any weaknesses and poor practice, and implement more robust policies.

Cyber security audits

Audit your configuration and security controls, such as Microsoft 365 and Active Directory.

Cyber security governance and policies review

Address your risk and compliance requirements to achieve certification such as ISO27001. We’ll review your security policies to ensure that they satisfy compliance requirements and are effective for your organisation. Get targeted phishing simulations, phishing attacks, malicious hardware implants and physical access testing.

Social engineering testing of web applications

Assess your web services and APIs to ensure proper security.


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Perimeter security

Access a range of cyber security options to safeguard your organisation’s vulnerable entry and exit points.

Email security

Review email security options including spam and phishing detection to protect against viruses.

Endpoint security

Defend vulnerabilities created by increased device mobility in your organisation.

Device security

Access security solutions to help your organisation pre-empt and prevent security threats with mobile devices.

Cloud security

Anticipate threats to cloud-based platforms, to protect against security threats and data attacks.

Data and data loss prevention

Implement security protocols to protect your organisation’s IP, personal information and data.

Nexon managed security services

Access the tools, team and talent to help your organisation detect, resolve and remediate threats, taking immediate action to contain, eliminate and ensure recovery from compromise. 

Monitor and detect potential security threats

Collect and correlate events from your security infrastructure, network and endpoints including alert monitoring and processing.

Incident response management

Identify the source of a security breach, implement containment measures and controls, and assist with satisfying any notifiable data breach reporting requirements.

Threat Detection

Proactively detect threats with our centralised Australia-based team. Expect 24/7 response to security incidents as well as consolidated reporting.

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