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female workers meeting in office cloud management
female workers meeting in office cloud management

Responsive, agile service delivery with 'round the clock' protection

With a more complex environment, comes more complex management requirements. Luckily, Nexon has the people, platforms and capability to simplify, consolidate and manage our clients’ environment.

Manage, monitor and govern

Nexon uniquely provides operational, tactical and strategic support from end to end. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve your environment – from productivity, security, continuity to efficiency. 

So while we are monitoring and managing the every day, we are also optimising the stability of the platform and delivering any projects or initiatives you may have along the way.

Rest assured we are monitoring costs and adherence to policy as we work to ensure compliance with business practices, assuring proper governance.

Nexon’s difference is in how much its people care about client outcomes. We understand that your success comes from getting a kind of continuous, behind-the-scenes support that is ever-present, yet invisible. 

Our high-touch delivery and integrated approach ensures you feel empowered, equipped and moving forward with the needs of the organisation. 

We have entire processes built around client satisfaction. Our Client Happiness Model provides measurable value with instant feedback and a closed-loop process that gives you insights and analytics on call resolutions, and outcomes we’re responsible for. 

The result? A continually optimised environment, and a confident client – both looking to the future. 

In short, with Nexon you get: 

  • Complete end-to-end infrastructure management including MPLS and SD WAN services to improve application performance. 
  • Effective identification and resolution of problems, resource optimisation, hardware maintenance 
  • Availability maximisation  
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Complete confidence in the quality, the speed, the relationship and the outcome 

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office workers solving problem cloud management
man working desk papers cloud management

Optimise and automate

Our focus is on always looking for opportunities to optimise and automate your environment for the most successful organisational outcomes.  


Nexon will consolidate and modernise your services to SaaS:

  • Re- platform: leverage native cloud offerings, secure govern and improve your infrastructure eg. patching or meeting compliance.
  • Reduce: infrastructure footprint, or application landscape, or threat vectors
  • Service delivery: Provide structured managed services that optimise deployments of updates and patching.


Automate repeatable task to drive efficiencies and speed of delivery. Automate secure repeatable landing zones on any cloud with CI/CD Pipelines.

We include automated services as part of managed services to automate governance reporting for compliance, patch management, security posture etc.

Data centre solutions

With more and more data being produced, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to maintain security, reduce risk and stay compliant. The right data centre solution, built on reliable infrastructure will ensure your business needs are met – now and into the future.

Our data centre solution will:

  • Help you focus on your core business activities with our fully managed service
  • Give you peace of mind with 99.99% uptime
  • Reduce your cost of ownership
  • Support future growth with scalability 
  • Strengthen your business continuity and disaster recovery plans
man pointing to computer secure network

Case studies

ISS Facilities

Facility services leader gains the flexible, high availability cloud platform it needs for future success. Made possible with Nexon Asia Pacific.

Flick Anticimex

How a leading pest control and hygiene company embraced digital transformation with Nexon to enhance productivity and enable growth. 

Ord Minnett

Nexon has secured a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement with Ord Minnett to transition the company’s existing IT services to a new technology stack.

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