Beautiful smiling woman with headphones using computer while counseling at call center

Have you heard of the United Nation’s World Happiness Index? In 2017,  Nexon took a similar approach to have a more holistic view of our customer user experience and satisfaction. We developed our ‘Helpdesk Happiness Model’, taking a proactive approach to analysing the customer user experience. We wanted to put a system in place to represent a true verification of our customers’ satisfaction with Nexon’s services by measuring the end-to-end user experience.

We used insight gained through our previous acquisition of a managed cloud provider. We took the feedback and customer satisfaction model it was using and combined it with our own findings and technology to come up with enhancements. We piloted the model with a number of our customers to finetune our approach, and developed custom setups in Microsoft Power BI to handle the majority of the measurement, analysis and workflows. The reports and visuals generated give us an accurate reading of the pulse of our customers, and provide a closed loop process with both our staff and end users.

Our Happiness Model has had a really positive impact on both our customers and our own staff. For our internal teams, they are able to precisely measure their effort and the returns they get from it in terms of customer happiness. With the model in place, we have also seen a significant increase in our customers satisfaction and service resolution levels.

Together with Nexon’s local support services, our Helpdesk Happiness Model is providing real value with instant feedback and a closed loop process that gives our customers insight and analytics on call resolutions and business outcomes, giving organisations peace of mind and a responsive, agile local support team. That’s been highlighted as a real value-add for our Managed I.T. Services customers, including Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the national retailer Lowes.

“Having a responsive, agile local support team with Nexon as our single managed service provider has freed up our team and given us the peace of mind so that we can focus on digital transformation. In addition, Nexon’s Helpdesk Happiness model is providing real value with instant feedback and a closed loop process that gives my team insight and analytics on call resolutions and business outcomes,” said Geoff Paine, Lowes’ IT Manager.

Our Happiness Model might not be as significant as the UN’s Index, but it is critically important to our business and to our customers! It gives us the feedback we need to continually improve how we are responding to our customers’ needs and also the services we are delivering to them.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, or how we measure our customers’ happiness, please contact us at or call us on 1300 800 000