Nexon Coris

Streamline inbound and outbound communications platforms. Delivering better customer interactions.

Nexon Coris Streamline inbound and outbound communications platforms. Delivering better customer interactions.

Empower your semi-autonomous workforce to move as one.

With multiple devices, systems and personnel to contend with, organisations with dispersed workforces are finding it extremely challenging to create efficiencies across communications and operations.

As an organisation, there are systems and processes ingrained in your operations that are core to your business and how you operate. It is not always financially viable to implement new solutions as they come available.

Designed for ease, and elimination of business risk, Nexon delivers a cutting-edge solution to help integrate communication and messaging platforms to encourage better interactions across teams.

When you need your team to move as one, you need Nexon Coris.

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Nexon Coris

A communications platform that unite your teams to move as one.​

With Nexon Coris, you can bring both new and legacy communications systems together and simplify business processes. Nexon Coris is an intelligent and automated communications platform that integrates inbound and outbound communications systems into a single platform, allowing staff to make critical decisions under pressure with confidence.

Nexon Coris platform capabilities

Reduce the time to manage different communications platforms with a highly reliable, scalable, and central platform. Have the right alerts and event management workflow enabled to ensure efficient business response and escalations.
Nexon Partner Connect - Smarter communication
Process automation
Digitise workflows and streamline operations to manage communication channels and customer interactions from a single platform, while minimising risk.
Data visualisation
The Nexon Coris platform is built with real time reporting and business intelligence so you can gain valuable insights. The scalable and flexible solution is entirely customisable.
With Nexon Coris you can be confident you’ll always have the right team, at the right place, at the right time. Achieve better organisational outcomes with real-time data driven decision making.

How we help

Partners in delivery​

Nexon commences every engagement by learning about your operations, goals and challenges.

Our team becomes embedded within your oganisation to deeply understand your specific requirements. We work with various business units and departments to identify critical procedures, audit existing communication channels, and design an end-to-end solution that’s right for you.

From traditional desktop telephone systems, to mobile devices, paging systems to visual alert systems and temperature sensors, Nexon Coris will bring these devices and their operating systems together into one central user-friendly interface.

Nexon Coris – How we help Partners in delivery
Nexon business nbnTM – Experience consistently fast, high-performance network speeds

Bridging silo platforms to unlock better business outcomes.​

Nexon combines function and ease with an integration solution custom-built to your organisations’ needs.

By combining third party applications into a central platform, Nexon Coris, you can discover how connectivity can create intelligent and meaningful workflows across your organisation.

Our process is to deeply understand your specific requirements and design a system to best suit your needs.

Nexon Coris is highly adaptable, and we strive to understand your existing requirements and innovate the solution further so we can build you the best system.

We analyse your environment. We use our years of experience and expertise to help identify your critical asset deployment procedures.

We use our deep engineering thinking and problem solving to help you map out your critical event scenarios, we look at your existing hardware and software systems and workflows to identify issues and efficiencies.

We collect all of your systems info. We audit and identify all of your existing legacy alert notification hardware and software and analyse in line with our findings from your environment research.

Nexon Coris is designed for you.

We help define the pre-determined asset deployment. In consultation with you, we design the appropriate cascading response team, identifying every critical team member and their replacement should they be unable to respond.

And only then... do we recommend the appropriate technology.

Customer success story

Reducing risk, saving time

Nexon - Customer quote
Nexon Coris has allowed us to streamline several workflows, most recently for our incident response team, who responds to some of our most critical scenarios. Using the functionality enabled by Nexon Coris, we have more than halved the time taken to alert the 30-odd strong team, as well as reducing the workload from two operators to just one. The time saved is absolutely critical, as is the extra set of hands that can go back to their essential operational tasks.
Switchboard Manager
A teaching and research hospital in Queensland

The Nexon advantage

Customer centric

We tailor our solutions to suit your workplace and business objectives. Our commitment and dedication is to meet your evolving needs in today’s highly dynamic marketplace.

Deep knowledge and expertise

We are a highly skilled team with a proven track record delivering interconnected technologies and services, enabling better business outcomes.

Trusted partner

We take a long-partnership approach to all engagements and work with leading technology brands to deliver cutting edge, best-in-class solutions for our customers.

Holistic service

We provide end-to-end IT solutions across the user journey that supports your entire IT environment, from secure solution design and seamless implementation, right through to 24/7 local day-to-day support.

Nexon Coris - The Nexon Advantage We tailor our solutions to suit your workplace and business objectives. Our commitment and dedication is to meet your evolving needs in today’s highly dynamic marketplace

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