Engage, Communicate and Collaborate

Foster connected and productive experiences

Get your staff engaged and connected with fit for purpose platforms that foster effective communications and more productive activities regardless of where your people are or the device they are using.

It is more than just providing them with some software, it’s about enabling your workforce.

It’s about understanding where their frustrations are and what they need to produce the best possible outcome for the business.

Unlock innovation and productivity by removing barriers to collaboration

An efficient workplace relies on connectivity and collaboration. From network infrastructure to software applications, productivity is entirely dependent on how people communicate and work together as a team.

To be truly transformational you need a solution that removes barriers to collaboration while combining intelligent architecture with effective change management.

When deploying communications and collaboration tools for your organisation, you need a solution that can:


Effect change in a demographically diverse workforce

Employees are demanding an agile workplace that enables effective work via modern tools. At the same time, there remains a contingent of people resistant to anything new. Change management is hugely important. You need to drive awareness, build up desire and provide the necessary knowledge and skills in order to get user buy-in and adoption.


Break down
organisational silos

Siloed data inhibits productivity and prevents employees from performing basic tasks. As such, permissions often become a mess and content is shared with others via email or through other non-governed services. By centralising data, and at the same time maintaining security and compliance control, employees can start to achieve more.


Engage and enable
a remote workforce

Whether it be for field staff, remote offices or the growing number of people working from home, you need to provide access to key content from wherever they are without the need for VPNs or other remote access solutions. Content needs to be available from any device, in the right format to the right person in the simplest way possible.

Transform the Employee Experience

Nexon is committed to helping you achieve more through the power of communication and collaboration, while meeting the needs of the mobile workforce.


Microsoft 365

Every business depends on mobility and flexibility to enable effective and productive connections. Whether it’s understanding your licensing, configuration, migration, management, voice services or automation, Nexon is well positioned to guide your workplace transformation. We bring strong workplace credentials, backed by our specialised team who can assist in boosting engagement across your organisation.



Enable effective collaboration and free up your team to better engage with a single workspace to manage content, office apps and communication tools. Take advantage of workflow engines to remove the pain of manual and repetitive tasks. Improve everyday interaction through chat-based workspaces and engagement with a single collaboration platform.


Intranet and extranet platforms

Unlock better ways of working and create organisational efficiencies for managing working documents, records and other critical assets. With a custom designed intranet solution, you can share, organise and manage documents and news promoting new ways of working while maintaining overall control and governance.

Empowered Teams unlock benefits
across the organisation

The benefits of our approach


Enhanced security and reduced risk

Teams can work together and gain secure access to any deployed application, on any device, from any location within the bounds of your security requirements


Greater productivity through communication

Enhance your team’s productivity with advanced collaboration tools that are engaging and lend themselves to increased adoption.


Improved engagement for team members

Collaboration leads to increased engagement, improved performance, and better outcomes. It also means better staff morale.


Maximum operational efficiency

Communication and collaboration tools help to optimise operations to ensure maximum return on investment.

Realising your Modern Workplace vision: The Nexon Advantage

Modern Workplace solutions with the Nexon advantage deliver a secure, cost effective technology offering for innovation and growth. It will reduce your overall costs and increase team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplify support.

As a true end-to-end service and value provider with coverage across Australia, we remove the administrative overhead and expenses of dealing with multiple vendors. Nexon spends the time to understand your business, assess your environment and plan out your modern workplace journey. Post-project delivery Nexon provides continuing assurance and optimisation opportunities with its ongoing management and support services, assisting with continuous improvement, user enablement and knowledge sharing.

Why Nexon?

  • Nexon is a highly experienced and certified Microsoft Partner with a proven track record in delivering modern workplace solutions that simplify and secure access to applications and data.
  • We operate across Australia delivering outcome driven solutions for your organisation, while supporting all key areas of IT.
  • By taking advantage of Nexon’s service offering organisations gain access to best practice insights for driving user awareness and training, continuous improvement plans, and the right tools and knowledge your staff need to work effectively.
  • We’ll partner with you for the long-term to realise your business objectives and modern workplace vision. With expertise in a range of technology specialties – from network and telephony through to business applications and devices - we create powerful business solutions that are intuitive and simple to use.

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