Gearing up to Bowral Classic – Gran Fondo style road cycling event


As the date gets closer to the Bowral Classic ride scheduled to be held on 22 October 2017, we have a quick interview with one of Nexon’s seasoned riders, Tony Mahony, Nexon’s Queensland State Manager.

Tony has been with Nexon since 2007 and progressively stepping into the Queensland State Manager role in 2012. He has spent considerable years in the information technology industry and believes strongly in setting commitment and prioritising both in his personal life but also professionally. Tony has a love for cycling and a passion for triathlons, completing up to a stellar number of over 30 in the last decade. As a very keen athlete himself, Tony has also been playing Division 1 hockey since 13 and is aiming to hang up the stick at the end of 2017 season.

The Bowral Classic first attracted more than 3,000 riders to ride through the pristine Southern Highlands. It raised funds for various charities via the “choose your charity” program. With both Nexon’s clients and colleagues from all over Australia, Tony and Nexon will be completing the routes raising money for charities.

What attracts you to bike riding?
I spend a fair bit of my time at work and bike riding is one of the sports that provide a sense of escape, when you ride somewhere, you have to ride back! The nothingness in-between is my serenity. To participate at the Bowral Classic is fantastic, we are essentially taking people, both our employees and clients, out of their working environment, and putting them on the bike to enjoy the ride as a team!

What is the least attractive part about bike riding?
HILLS! We have a mutual dislike for each other.

What are your tips in training for Bowral Classic?
Finding a balance of life and training is not an easy task, often it’s exceptionally hard to achieve, this is my greatest weakness. I say start training early and most importantly, stay consistent if you can.

What are your tips for people who may be keen to train for next year’s Bowral Classic or any other bike riding event?
Find a friend! Partner up with someone to ride with, find a great cause or charity and commit to it, then it’s not all about the ride. It’s easier when it’s not about you. Give yourself reasons that are bigger than yourself. There will be thousands of people on the same ride and journey as you and they will pull you along. It will be an amazing experience!

To support the riders and the chosen charities, please visit this link to donate.

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