Don’t let your people down: SD-WAN for UCaaS

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Getting aboard the UCaaS train

Enough has been said about what Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) can deliver. And equally important is the ability to provide partners, customers and staff the ability and uninterrupted experience to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

It is often easy to forget that the backbone to delivering high-quality voice and video experience is underpinned by a robust network and the careful planning that comes with it. This means that often staff who are based in branches or remote sites may experience their productivity and efficiency level being hampered by inaccessibility to crucial cloud-based communication applications.

SD-WAN provides the right tracks

Reliable and consistent service is a must in UCaaS and without which users could be compromised with the overall end-user experience and productivity.

To ensure the quality of an organisation’s cloud communications services, building performance into the network is key to reducing outages, latency and diminishing bottlenecks that could be bad for business.

The incredible demands on today’s networks – and the intensive workloads created – require a dynamic network architecture, and enhanced visibility so you can monitor activity, manage remediation and gain a single view over your whole network.

This is not only necessary but especially crucial for businesses with multiple offices. New products and services should be easy to deploy at any location, and then utilised. A live video presentation by your CEO to shareholders? Clients at an aged care home accessing on-demand video services in their rooms?

Across industries, UCaaS demands a high-performing dynamic network architecture to keep up with the relentless pace of change and adoption of more cloud-based communication and collaboration tools.

UCaaS can be a bandwidth-hungry service. With SD-WAN, organisations will be equipped with the ability to control and manage performance in the most efficient way. When UCaaS is delivered over the Internet, connections may suffer resulting in disconnected calls and downtime. The quality of the experience is further impaired by sharing Internet links and not being able to effectively monitor and control links and data usage. In addition, when you’re using these applications and functions on a daily basis, this is one area of work that you do not want unpredictable service and low reliability.

First-class service

SD-WAN gets you on the right track. It enables a high-quality UCaaS experience – with enhanced video and voice performance – while enabling organisations to prioritise traffic and network connectivity over public, private and hybrid networks.

Traditional network solutions like MPLS provide the performance and reliability organisations need for cloud-based applications. However, by overlaying SD-WAN onto your existing network, you can maximise investments and gain the capability to have a single view over your entire network, whilst optimising performance.

This facilitates a better user experience with the enhanced voice quality, speed and flexibility needed to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. When these services and applications are working well, then you can consider how you might expand their use into new opportunities.

And while the move to the public cloud worries some organisations in terms of security, SD-WAN offers a much better way than the older model where WAN handles security at every site through multiple appliances. SD-WAN is smarter and more efficient by integrating defences for each site centrally, and by making updates easier and quicker to deploy.

See around the bend

Make Nexon your partner in rethinking the network and benefit from integration with Nexon’s cloud platform. Our highly skilled IT engineers can look after every aspect of your SD-WAN, with 24/7 monitoring and support to keep your WAN and applications running smoothly. Nexon can help you with different networking requirements based on the desired outcome.

Get ahead of the curve. Contact us today for an obligation-free demo to help understand how SD-WAN can support your UCaaS services.

Or learn more about SD-WAN.

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