In today’s virtualised world organisations need a backup and recovery solution which can protect data stored on physical hardware, virtual machines or cloud computing platforms.

Legacy backup solutions were developed when physical hardware was the technology of the day. These solutions have reached their end of life. They simply lack the key capabilities needed in a virtualisation and cloud-first world.

Backup solutions need to align to the current technology paradigm

To put it simply, a new generation of IT infrastructure needs a new backup technology platform. One which was specifically created and developed to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities present in virtualised and cloud-based environments.

Downtime, no matter what the cause, has a negative impact. When there’s an outage, organisations have their hands full trying to bring their systems back up, as well as trying to calm any adverse reputational issues with customers or on social media in general.

To ensure your organisation is not ever in that unenviable position, IT solutions need to be architected to ensure maximum uptime and superior performance. The age-old audit requirement of disaster recovery, historically the burden of the IT department, is now a key business measure.

In a digitally connected world, solutions need to be up, fast and efficient to ensure survival in a world where services are expected to run 24 x 7 x 365 and every hiccup is broadcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Delivering next generation of data protection solutions

The ‘Always On’ world presents a challenge to companies across the globe. The need to enable and manage data protection solutions which ensure high availability and seamless business continuity is more critical than ever.

In today’s dynamically changing environment, digital transformation agility is needed to manage multi-cloud environments and seamlessly migrate workloads without impacting users in any way. In addition, actionable insights are essential for data management, operational performance, and compliance.

With a wide range of solutions which meet the needs of both small and large enterprises, Nexon’s modern virtualisation and cloud-ready backup and recovery platform provides a service which is cost effective, easy to use and packed with the features a modern IT enterprise needs.
Powered by Veeam and built with high availability at its core, Nexon’s data protection solutions gives businesses the ability to recover applications or data, be it physical, virtual or cloud.

No matter where an organisation is in their digital transformation journey, Nexon has a wide range of solutions aligning data protection requirements to any IT infrastructure platform ensuring business-critical systems continue to perform through an enhanced high availability offering.

For more information, download our whitepaper 5 important reasons why your business should be Always-On.

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