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Businesses must excel when it comes to customer service. Companies need to develop and sustain strong relationships, to deliver the best service possible and stand out from the competition. It is critical that organisations understand customers’ expectations and maintain a consistent dialogue across communication tools to deliver the service they want.

An integrated UC and contact centre solution can help organisations get where they need to be. It can improve workflow, improve ease of use and, meet and exceed the demands of customers and employees.

The complicating factor is that the technology around UC, like all IT, is ever evolving. Implementing a one-off solution and hoping that it will be the answer is not the case, especially when you do not know what lies ahead.

So how do you move forward? You need a solution that removes the complexity of managing silo platforms, leverages the benefits of an integrated solution and evolves with you as your business changes.

Here we cover key considerations when selecting the UC platform that’s right for your business.

Customer experience: a key differentiator

Positive customer experiences are key to success in our digital world of instant connection (and feedback!) fuelled by social media. In fact, a Frost Sullivan study showed that by 2020, customer experience is projected to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

Customers determine the experience they want and expect companies to enable that experience through various channels, including phone, email, instant messaging or video conferencing. It’s important that companies deliver on this need if they are going to deliver a positive customer experience.

Staff expectations are also changing.

Today’s Contact Centre staff expect better tools and software to do their jobs. They too see the impact this has on helping them do their job well. Competition for top talent is fierce, and the right technology can help drive collaboration and productivity between employees.

The best experience – for staff and, in turn, customers – is to deliver a seamless interface across your contact centre and telephony and collaboration environment.

Delivered as a Managed Service, Nexon Absolute Contact Centre is a cloud-based unified communications solution which integrates an Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre platform and the full Microsoft Skype for Business suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all together for a complete omni-channel communication experience. All this is delivered through one familiar user interface.

Not only does it bring a truly unified experience across telephony and Contact Centre functionality, but it also helps customers to make the most from their existing IT ecosystem, for that 360-degree customer view.

The peace of mind that comes from sharing the risk

Investing in any new technology can be a risk. The business case assumes a return on investment and this is only realised with a good uptake of the efficiency and customer service improvement features. Will your team find the service intuitive and easy to use? Can the solution keep up with the ever-evolving customer requirements? How do you know which new features to invest in and which ones are just hype?

Nexon Absolute Contact Centre can help put you back in control.

Our flexible, pay as you go, pay as you grow model gives you the opportunity to leverage additional business benefits – such as the ability to update new features without the additional infrastructure cost.

Call centres operate more smoothly

When you integrate a hosted contact centre like Nexon Absolute Contact Centre, your organisation immediately gains a more personalised and smooth call centre experience, as well as gaining insights across the business.

Nexon Absolute Contact Centre gives your team access to customer information through the one system – eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Having access to the right information when it’s needed, means that agents can handle greater call volumes with greater satisfaction, in turn improving overall productivity. This flexible solution offers contact centre leaders the ability to scale capacity up or down in line with customer demand.

For those employees working remotely, it simply means you’ll deliver a consistent and feature-rich user experience across the business without compromising the customer experience.

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The number one benefit to your business is that of managing financial risk.

A partner such as Nexon provides unified communications as a service to help organisations adapt to this changing space. The architecture you set up now may not be what you need in 12 months or 24 months’ time. The right partner can ensure a level of agility and flexibility built into your managed service.

Nexon has the experience and expertise to back the solution and your business needs. As a strategic partner, we provide ongoing support to ensure you are using all relevant features to your best advantage, so you get the most out of your solution.

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