Nexon Absolute

Leverage the full suite of Microsoft Skype for Business.

Nexon Absolute is the most flexible way for you to experience benefits from using the full suite of Microsoft Skype for Business throughout your business.

Leveraging the Microsoft cloud and using the pay-as-you-go/grow model with no upfront costs, Nexon Absolute is a suite of complementary managed services, that delivers a complete communication, collaboration and mobile environment for your business.

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Filling the Microsoft Office 365 Gap

Along with your existing Office 365 subscription, Nexon Absolute can also extend functionality to include enterprise voice features (like voice mail to email), filling a critical gap for existing Office 365 users.

Leveraging Microsoft services, Nexon Absolute is a suite of complementary managed services that delivers businesses a complete communication, collaboration and mobile environment. It offers:

  • Absolute Video

    Nexon’s hosted video-conferencing solution offers a quick and simple way for your business to leverage the productivity and efficiency benefits of online meetings.

  • Nexon Absolute Contact Centre
    Absolute Contact Centre

    A cloud-based offering, powered by Enghouse Interactive, that gives unprecedented levels of access and flexibility to forward-thinking businesses that want to reap the benefits of virtual contact centres.

  • Nexon Absolute Productivity
    Absolute Productivity

    A cloud-based unified communications solution that allows businesses to get more out of Skype for Business, while combining and integrating all communication capabilities on a single, easy to use platform.

  • Nexon Absolute Business
    Absolute Business

    Suitable for organisations of all sizes, Office 365 offers a variety of communication and collaboration tools such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business, to help business meet their needs whilst leveraging applications on a per user per month model.

Nexon Absolute

All the benefits, without the hassles

Nexon Absolute gives you all the advantages of a truly unified communications solution without the hassles of lengthy and expensive implementations.

So if you simply need your collaboration systems to work as promised, while you get on with your core business activities, Nexon Absolute is the right solution for you.

Enjoy the cloud and the silver lining.
Enjoy the cloud
and the silver lining

Nexon Absolute allows you to resolve your organisation’s communications challenges, simplify your ICT management, and unleash the full potential of UC. We’ll let you decide which part is cloud and which is the silver lining.

Filling the voice gap
Filling the
voice gap

For Office 365 users, Nexon Absolute can extend functionality to include enterprise voice features while leveraging the Exchange for voice mail. This fills a critical gap for Office 365 users.

Low cost, many advantages
Low cost,
many advantages

Your business can significantly reduce the ongoing TCO of your IT infrastructure. In addition, you can gain access to Nexon’s discounted Network Carrier Plans. Reducing your monthly phone bills is the main cost advantage, but there are others we’d be happy to discuss with you.

Enterprise audio and video experience
Enterprise audio
and video experience

To ensure the highest level of voice and video quality, Nexon Absolute can be delivered over Nexon’s Private Network rather than the open ‘public’ Internet. Using our private network allows us to provide you with an enterprise-quality network service guarantee for all voice, video and file sharing sessions.

Zero Touch

Nexon Absolute is a completely hassle-free solution. Our dedicated team not only ensures an easy, free-of-cost transition from your old PBX to a completely hosted environment, it will also provide full maintenance and training for your new communications solution.

Pay as you go, pay as you grow
Pay as you go,
Pay as you grow

Nexon Absolute is a hosted access solution delivered as a service, on a pay-per-seat-per-month basis. This model gives your organisation the flexibility of scaling up and down, depending on the amount of users and the style of services you need to suit your business’s changing needs and budget.

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