I can hear the virtual eyeroll as you think you’ll be reading another blog about Artificial Intelligence in all its various guises. Whether it’s ChatGPT or robots taking our jobs, we think it’s time to push past that conversation and talk about what really matters – enterprise cohesion.

Our own experience of implementing AI solutions in recent years has been a journey with many twists, turns and learnings for everyone concerned. So, we thought it was time to share a few of those learnings to help others on their journey. Here are our top 5 learnings.

Number 1

Learning 1 – FOMO’s a No-No

Everybody has their own journey.

The AI rush is being driven by escalating levels of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as organisations seek opportunities to get an AI win on the board to prove differentiation.

To be clear, FOMO should never be the driver of an AI implementation. At Nexon, our rules are always business need first. Whether it’s productivity, efficiency, cost savings, resource optimisation or something else you’re trying to achieve, be clear about defining your goals, and gain consensus across stakeholders before jumping into the unknown.

Number 2

Learning 2 – Choose integration over band aids.

Creating a world where there’s free flowing data between platforms across every part of your organisation is often considered utopia. Add to that AI as the enabling force in facilitating and driving efficiency, and we’re fast hurtling towards #techgoals.

You’ve got a vision, a team of willing participants and a vast technology stack incorporating some elements of AI in each, but you’re not sure which integrates with the rest (if any at all!).

The missing piece of the puzzle is cohesion. Without a unified source of information, integrated architecture, processes and embedded workflows driving action and decision making, organisations implementing isolated AI projects, are plugging holes rather than adding long-term value.

Understanding what you already have under your virtual roof will enable you to realise value across all areas, instead of just one.

Number 3

Learning 3 – Use existing assets to drive efficiency.

You might not be aware, but the assets and information you already have within your organisation, could be expediting your AI projects and enabling cohesion. Have you ever wondered if there’s a better use for your archived conversations, voice recordings and databases than gathering virtual dust? There is!

Most organisations will consider starting knowledge banks for building Chatbots from scratch, which takes considerable time and investment. All of the knowledge you’re holding in your archives is ready and available to help Chatbots establish patterns and processes for automating conversations and fast-tracking responsiveness. In our experience of delivering these projects, this simple act of utilising what you already have could significantly accelerate your AI program’s progress!

Number 3

Learning 4 – Not knowing is better than guessing.

We’ve learned it’s better to have no idea, than a pre-conceived idea without validation. And it’s ok not to know where to start. Most of our conversations with a customer start without a firm direction, which is easier, as we work our way through the options and create a roadmap together.

By understanding the intricacies of your networks, platforms, applications and people through our knowledge and experience as a long-term technology partner, we’re able to advise on the best way to use AI for your organisation and its specific needs, aligning goals and plans to your strategic vision, priorities and imperatives.

Number 3

Learning 5 – Partnerships bring efficiency.

As the technology partner of choice, we provide end to end solutions across our customer base. With such a vast network of partnerships, resources and knowledge across our organisation, we’re able to apply our skills across any number of disparate applications and platforms, applying our insights and experience to bring alternative thinking to the table.

As a team, we’re your untapped superpower, able to quickly work through a discovery process to uncover and leverage efficiencies which other suppliers would take a significant amount of time to uncover.

Want to know more about how we’re working with our clients to make their AI journeys integrated and efficient? Talk to us today.