How multicloud models can optimise and innovate your supply chain

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Most organisations are adopting multicloud models, consisting of a blend of public and private cloud environments, for the flexibility they provide. In fact, 93 per cent of organisations currently have a multicloud strategy in place.

These multicloud environments often include applications from multiple IT vendor partners, as well as connections with applications from the organisation’s own supply chains. However, with each additional cloud application or technology applied though multiple partnerships comes greater complexity and risk for the organisation. Some key concerns include:

  • data breaches
  • account hijacking
  • employee security breaches
  • malware
  • data monitoring and control
  • insecure plugins
  • shared vulnerabilities with IT vendors and the organisation’s suppliers.

The good news is that the latest cloud computing technologies allow for a more integrated and customised approach that optimises IT applications and supply chains, while securing the organisation’s intellectual property.

As a growing number of businesses become more digitalised, organisations need to reimagine the supply chain as a digital supply network that unites not just physical flows of products and services, but also talent, information and finance. This provides better opportunities for the organisation to:

  • withstand the new normal of market volatility
  • monitor and control vast data volumes
  • drive more connectivity across clients, suppliers and the organisation
  • maintain end-to-end visibility of business operations in real time.

Together, these capabilities let organisations make actionable insights that can accelerate innovation. At the same time, the organisation can maximise efficiencies through integrating people, processes and technology across all applications and supply chains.

Cloud solutions that optimise the supply chain

Next-generation multicloud models and solutions are based on the foundation of a cyber security platform that helps organisations seamlessly manage connectivity and maintain security across applications and workloads in multiple clouds.

In particular, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions provide visibility, connectivity and security across diverse cloud infrastructures while optimising the application’s user experience. Next-generation cloud solutions are scalable and cost effective, which lets the organisation scale in accordance with market changes, without requiring additional cost or management of IT applications. Instead, the cloud solution seamlessly maintains all existing and new applications while protecting the security of online assets as business needs change.

The key benefits of SD-WAN for multicloud solutions include:

  • the ability to automate the deployment of a consistent overlay network across different cloud networks, reducing complexity and increasing agility to save teams time and resources
  • end-to-end visibility, control, and centralised management that unifies functionality across multiple cloud environments through cloud-native integrations
  • secure transport of application traffic between clouds and edges without needing to backhaul traffic through the data centre, which provides better scaling of deployments and reduced latency
  • a dynamic path selection that improves performance and optimises cost by selecting the best internet or leased line link
  • an application developer-friendly programming interface that lets programmers consistently adjust their network and security requirements.

SD-WAN for multicloud models can also be easily integrated with current perimeter security applications to deliver better application experience, higher performance, and greater cost efficiency across the organisation’s online operations.

To optimise applications, security and cost efficiencies across multiple IT vendors and organisational supply chains, organisations should seek cloud-agnostic, consistent multicloud networks provided by a trusted IT partner. To learn more about next-generation SD-WAN solutions and how they can securely consolidate applications in your multicloud environment, contact the Nexon team today.

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