Make the most out of Microsoft Teams 

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Increase engagement and productivity from a single platform. 

Teams across the globe today have an endless array of collaboration platforms to choose from. Microsoft Teams being one of these platforms offers users chat, video, document management and online channels to manage conversations.

As an organisation or service provider leveraging this platform enabling core telephony becomes pivotal as you look to deliver enhanced user experiences no matter your users’ location.

As a proven and trusted UC provider, we have built a solution that complements your

needs and those of your customers, providing a hassle-free and enterprise-ready UC platform; Nexon Absolute.

Whilst you focus on delivering core services, we’ve made it easier for you to extend the functionality of Microsoft Teams to enhance the customer experience in communicating and collaborating from any device.

A solution that allows end-users to get more out of their communication whilst reducing complexity. Nexon Absolute, integrated with Office 365, delivers capabilities of a managed service that come in a complete communication, collaboration, and mobile environment.

Nexon Absolute brings multiple benefits for users including:

  • Streamlined solution: Unifying the capability of Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft technologies and extending them across devices and services. Giving possibilities to all the different ways customers communicate and share, even with people outside their businesses.
  • Smarter collaboration: Microsoft Teams allows users to connect, call and collaborate easily through a set of familiar and easy-to-use interface and functions. Users can focus on getting their job done instead of spending time in navigating through disparate communication tools or attempting to use unfamiliar tools.
  • Features and functions: Absolute is designed to deliver a complete solution for customers and thus supports a wide array of meeting types – from broadcast format to interactive collaboration session, audio and video.
  • Simplicity: Rapidly deployed via Nexon’s hosted platforms, and cost effectively delivered via a pay-per-user service, Nexon Absolute is an add-on to your clients existing Office 365 licensing, with no fixed terms, pay per month. It removes the hassles of a lengthy and expensive implementation.

If your customer is a Teams’ user and you haven’t enabled cloud calling for them, they’re missing out on the simplicity of making and receiving calls from your collaboration environment. Speak to our team today.

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