Managed Security

Giving you the peace of mind needed.

Security breaches are becoming more common, manage risk by protecting your assets and data from threats and thefts maximising your security posture.

It is no longer about who will likely to face threat incidents, but about how companies, of all sizes, should start building “walls” and responding to threats when they appear. Best practices and proven approaches in security is required to achieve sustainable business operations.

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Security is no longer
“just an I.T. issue”

Find out how you can mitigate potential threats and achieve peace of mind with Nexon Managed Security.

Securing your business and assets

Security breaches can have devastating impact on your business, from business disruption to compromising on competitive advantage, financial cost and reputation. That’s why securing your business is important. Nexon offers a variety of managed security solutions.

  • Visibility
    Understanding user behavior, applications, web traffic, threats and data patterns.

  • Reporting
    Predefined reports that can be used as-is, customised, or grouped together as one report to suit specific requirements.

  • 24/7 management and monitoring
    Protecting your networks and endpoints from wide range of threats anytime.

  • Continuous upgrades and updates
    Providing you ease of mind and without having to worry about upgrading security system constantly.


From threat identification, to detection and responding, we work with you to secure assets in your cloud and mobility environment. Nexon offers a variety of best-in-class security solutions to complement, protect and enhance your IT environment.


Detecting and discovering anomalies are important so that relevant incidents and threats can be isolated and contained.

  • Advanced threat and intrusion detection and protection: identifying and detecting malware, zero-day exploits, APT. It also scans traffic and block unwanted applications.

  • Vulnerability scanning: reduce vulnerabilities by detecting, prioritising exposures through management and penetration testing.


Racing against hackers and cyber criminals means preparing for attacks. We work with organisations, big and small to minimise your attack surface and prevent incidents.

  • Firewall: control access to critical company data and information.

  • Mail filtering: organising and examining emails, spam and virus removal.

  • Web content filtering: control over web browsing activity and completing safe application enablement policies.

  • Endpoint security: protecting corporate network when access via remote devices or endpoints.

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