Future-proof your service delivery, with powerful, end-to-end technology solutions for local government

Future-proof your service delivery, with powerful, end-to-end technology solutions for local government

Nexon empowers local councils with fit-for-purpose digital solutions, designed to meet your organisational needs while enhancing performance, security and agility.

Nexon empowers local councils with fit-for-purpose digital solutions, designed to meet your organisational needs while enhancing performance, security and agility.

We help local councils do more with less

From a mandated compliance protocol to an amalgamation or de-amalgamation, we’ve supported councils like yours to improve service delivery and ‘bridge the gap’, with flexible and scalable network and cloud infrastructure that empowers you to get ahead.

Through modernising legacy platforms and securely connecting residents and staff, we help you gain efficiencies, optimise service delivery, and take client resident engagement and employee productivity to the next level.

By taking the time to understand your requirements, our expert consultants can design and deliver tailored solutions that let you leverage the latest technologies, streamline processes, and optimise costs, while providing your residents with the best level of service.

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With a proven and trusted technology partner, your organisation can:

Standardise and consolidate

By reducing the number of vendors, you manage and upgrading legacy technology across community sites.

Gain a clear line
of sight

Through better management of your end-to-end technology needs and a security-first technology roadmap.

Elevate resident engagement

So you can stay focused on your community, not your technology.

Access specialised technology experts

By gaining full visibility into resident interactions and service delivery.

Standardise and consolidate

Upgrade to a modern network infrastructure that’s secure, agile, and scalable, without the cost and complexity of multi-vendor management.
By architecting a network solution based on your current and future needs, Nexon’s expert consultants support your seamless migration to the cloud, enabling you to use the latest technologies with maximum efficiency.

Partner with Nexon to:

  • Enhance speed and availability across your network
  • Deliver applications from wherever they are.
  • Enable 24/7 management and monitoring to ensure network continuity.
  • Simplify management and deployment of static WAN architectures.
  • Have a scalable blueprint to leverage when modernising existing sites or expanding to new sites.

Gain a clear line of sight

Leverage flexible, scalable solutions built around the end-to-end technology needs of your organisation, with a security-first roadmap that keeps your data and systems protected.

Nexon’s skilled consultants work with you to develop a holistic understanding of your specific technology needs, in order to tailor solutions that balance robust cyber security with business continuity.

Partner with Nexon to:

  • Access a full suite of security services, including cyber posture audits, risk assessments, and security strategy development, as well as training and education.
  • Develop a security-first roadmap that prioritises the security of your environment without impacting service delivery.
  • Take advantage of fully modular and scalable security solutions that maintain the availability, accessibility and integrity of your data and systems.
  • Continually assess risks for opportunities to further protect and improve cyber security within your organisation.

Elevate resident engagement and insight

Gain comprehensive visibility and deeper insights into resident interactions to power stronger engagement with your community.

Our combined client experience and unified communications environment lets you enhance the customer experience by empowering staff with rich data, seamless communication tools, and best-of-breed cloud solutions.

Partner with Nexon to:

  • Decrease resident call wait times.
  • Increase rate of positive call resolutions.
  • Improve visibility into resident interactions.
  • Integrate and streamline contact centre processes.
  • Gain valuable insights to deliver a better resident experience.

Access specialised technology experts

Benefit from the expertise of Nexon’s experienced cloud consultants, as we design customised cloud solutions that provide the efficiency and flexibility to meet the needs of your staff and the expectations of your community.
From seamless cloud migration with minimal disruption and complexity to process automation that optimises costs while freeing up staff, our skilled technology experts are here to put your organisation ahead.

Partner with Nexon to:

  • Reduce costs and rationalise your IT.
  • Optimise your environment to drive efficiencies.
  • Reduce downtime, avoid data loss, and minimise risk.
  • Leverage modern infrastructure and applications.
  • Accelerate service delivery by automating manual tasks.

Who we work with

With proven expertise in supporting local government agencies to improve the way they deliver vital services, we can help you do more with less.

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Nexon partners with trusted, award-winning technology vendors who work with us to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

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