Cyber Security Testing and Team Education

With the risk of cyber-attacks escalating, your business should be ready to anticipate threats before they emerge. Accessing the education to identify where your security gaps are, and proactively closing them, is one of the best ways to address this.

Nexon can help you lay the foundations of proactive and scalable cyber security strategy

To create your Cyber Security strategy, we must first establish your security posture. This also involves identifying vulnerabilities and educating your team on their role in keeping the business safe from threats.

By pre-empting threats through security testing and team education, we can reduce the risk of cyber security attacks happening in the first place.

Cyber Security Testing: Penetration Testing, Phishing and Incident Simulation

We can help you guard against cyber-attacks by thinking like hackers do. By using pre-built phishing simulations to give your team the skills to identify and report email threats, we cut hackers off at the pass. Our penetration testing uncovers and secures potential flaws within your network and applications.

Our options Include:
  • Assessments of your cloud-based infrastructure, such as Office365 and Microsoft Azure
  • Testing of web applications, web services and APIs
  • Password audits to identify weakness and build your defence against password attacks
  • Wireless and data leakage analysis
  • Perimeter or external penetration to assess the risk from your internet facing services
  • Red/blue/purple team exercises to build essential skills and collaboration within your team
  • Social engineering, such as phishing, vishing, USB drops, malicious hardware implants and physical access testing
  • Internal testing of systems and networks, such as network layer, active directory, server, workstations, data loss prevention and data exfiltration
  • Jack-In testing to simulate a cleaner, disgruntled employee or contractor having network access
  • Vulnerability assessments and analysis to identify flaws in your code which may pose a threat
  • Reconnaissance to form a picture of your organisation’s profile across the internet (including data, emails, social media, network and systems)

Effective Cyber Security Requires a Clear View across your Entire Organisation

If you work with legacy systems and platforms, as well as modern cloud solutions, it may be difficult to pinpoint your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Staying ahead of your Cyber Security governance means directly addressing the risks and compliance factors as a priority, to better manage the impact of any cyber-attacks. This is where Nexon’s extensive range of Cyber Security solutions can assist you.

How Secure is Your Business from Cyber Threats? Test it today.

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Staff Education and Awareness Training

Our comprehensive employee training helps your staff become your strongest asset. They’ll become the last line of your cyber defence, instead of being your weakest link.

Our options Include:
  • Automated cyber security awareness and phishing platform for your employees
  • On-premise options for employee awareness training.
  • Employee video content portal that allows you to schedule and track cyber security training outcomes
Our training solutions build your people's capability by:
  • Empowering employees to take accountability for identifying and reporting suspicious activity
  • Increasing vigilance and awareness of security across your organisation with targeted education
  • Building best practice security responses by equipping your people with the skills and knowledge they need

Equip your staff with the knowledge to identify vulnerabilities within your systems

Your Cyber Security strategy needs to be built on a solid foundation of education and understanding. At Nexon, our security testing and team education solutions allow us to do the groundwork by equipping your staff with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions. By partnering with us, we can work to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your existing systems.

Thanks to our trained staff and an understanding of your system susceptibilities, we can minimise your exposure to threats, so you’ll always have a solid line of defence in place.

Make your staff the strongest asset in Preventing Cyber Security Threats

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Your Partner in Cyber Security

At Nexon, we partner with you so you can get on with business, while we secure your digital environment. We have been at the forefront of Cyber Security for more than 12 years. We have the experience, expertise, capabilities and certifications to build a comprehensive Cyber Security framework that keeps your business secure.

We also offer added peace of mind, by ensuring our testers are CREST and OCP certified so our testing complies with all major framework standards, including NIST.

Our engineers' certifications

Nexon is OSCP Offensive Security CertifiedCertified Information Systems AuditorCompTIA CTT+ CertifiedNexon is a Certified Information Systems Security ProfessionalMicrosoft Certified IT Professional Server AdministratorLicensed Penetration Tester
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Nexon Managed Security

Securing tomorrow’s workplace with an integrated security framework.

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Our Clients

Our clients include small businesses, local government and multi-billion dollar global organisations. This long-standing customer base and our customer service have earned us a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted Cyber Security solution providers.

Timely, efficient and expert advice. Thank you for great work and helping us identify opportunies for improvement. The speed and quality of your delivery was excellent. Daniel and other Nexon team members are always prompt, meticulous and willing to asist. They are the right partners when criticality, confidentiality and promptness are key.Greg Curcio, Director of Engagement and Innovation
Goran Babusku, Smart City Delivery Lead
City of Stonnington - Nexon Cyber Security success story

Type of work done:

  • Network breach assessment
  • Recon work
  • Penetration test
  • Webapp assessment
  • Phising assessment
  • Password audit


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