Business solutions for HVAC industry

Get it right first time, every time. Improve your First Call Fix rate with a field service solution for Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) that delivers real value to your customers.

Reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Businesses that deliver HVAC field services require a unique approach to ensure they get it right first time. From scheduling resources to tracking maintenance, renewals, and even technician certifications, as well as managing every aspect of the customer, employee, and HVAC plant lifecycle can be overwhelming.

While technology can automate every aspect of your field services operation, it is vital that you select the right platform and Resource Schedule Optimisation (RSO) tool for your business. As your engagements offer an integrated, full-service solution to your customers, so too should the software that enables it.

Designed to make your field services a competitive advantage

Manage your customer engagements and operations with an integrated technology approach.

  • Solutions specially crafted from extensive domain experience that bridge the gap between real-world field services and technology.
  • Leverage a single platform that increases first-time fix rates ensuring the delivery of exceptional service to customers.
  • Automate workflows and alerts based on sensor data, customer interactions, and scheduled tasks.
  • Provide customers with access to real-time visibility into service interactions.
  • Seamlessly integrate into other business applications such as scheduling, payroll, and inventory while automating and orchestrating your workforce.
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Integration and Simplicity aligned with the unique requirements of HVAC

Designed and delivered to meet business objectives, Nexon has built the HVAC Field Services platform to align with your operations.

Every solution is fit for purpose to achieve the following tangible benefits for your business:


Increase customer satisfaction with improved reliability and predictable service delivery.


Higher First Call Fix rates as a result of increased customer visibility and workforce automation.


Improve customer uptime with scheduled pre-emptive maintenance and remote monitoring and resolve issues before they arise.


Obtain data insights from remote devices to increase workforce efficiency, schedule on-site support, and deliver maintenance more effectively.

Enhance efficiency with customer-centric technology that can help you meet and exceed your SLAs


Enhance efficiency with customer-centric technology that can help you meet and exceed your SLAs

Nexon Field Service Solutions

Crafted for the industry and built for your business

Nexon leverages its deep experience in the field services industry and a proven track record in delivering technology solutions to ensure positive business outcomes.

Our values, unique approach, and deep understanding of both your industry and technology help us:


Design and implement solutions that deliver real value to your customers.


Offer a holistic solution that leverages and seamlessly integrates services across Microsoft clouds - Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics.


Ensure the security of your business, its data, and the privacy of your customers.


Leverage innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build models that offer you insights into your customer environments.


Harness the power of HVAC Field Service data to predict, monitor, and proactively engage with your customers.


Implement projects at your pace to ensure your organisation derives the maximum benefit from its technology investment.

Meeting the unique needs of  HVAC Field Services

The Nexon Business Solution offering is customised to meet the unique requirements of HVAC Field Service teams leveraging cloud platforms such as:

Ensure consistent and dependable operations by predicting, detecting, and resolving service issues before your customers even know there’s a problem.


Business Solutions Expertise

An effective technology solution focussed on business outcomes needs a partner that truly understands your business and industry. Nexon has been delivering technology solutions that solve real business problems for decades, working with many of Australia’s leading companies.

Nexon can provide the best solutions for your organisation, ensuring I.T. achieves its goals and objectives

Uniquely placed to meet your particular needs, Nexon offers:

  • Deep and broad expertise across all Microsoft Clouds enabling us to recommend and implement the most appropriate end-to-end solution

  • Extensive experience with both modern and legacy IT systems with a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Comprehensive understanding of core business needs in a fast-changing environment

  • Our sector-specific experience means we speak your language and understand your challenges

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