Nexon Asia Pacific Partners with Uniphore to Connect Customers Through Automation and AI


Leading provider of digital managed services, Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Uniphore, a global leader in conversational AI and automation.

This collaboration brings together new and advanced ways of connecting and engaging customers through AI with managed end-to-end design, delivery and optimisation services provided by the Nexon team.

David Flanagan, Head of Digital and AI at Nexon commented: “In today’s world, efficiency matters. Customers want to do more with less, without compromising on quality of service.  Our strategic partnership with Uniphore allows us to bring together our collective expertise to empower our customers to automate and streamline customer service operations through the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

Uniphore’s platform is focused on driving efficiency and effectiveness, using the trifecta of voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion to enable sophisticated, accurate, personalised and automated customer experiences regardless of dialect or location. This capability matches with Nexon’s already comprehensive Digital CX (customer experience) offering, providing new and innovative ways to elevate and optimise the customer and employee experience.

“At Uniphore, our main focus is to empower businesses to derive value from customer conversations, their most important asset,” said Karthik Gowda, Vice President of Channels & `Alliances at Uniphore. “Today, we are excited to join forces with Nexon to enable digital transformation across CX for our joint customers.”

“We continue to identify and work with leaders in their field to drive value and efficiency into our customer’s organisations.  Our partnership with Uniphore brings innovation, collaboration and leading-edge technology to help our customers create and elevate experiences through the power of AI”, said David Russell, General Manager of CX Product and Business Development at Nexon.

The combined expertise of both organisations in contact centres across the technology, health, banking, finance and healthcare sectors offers real-life experience of embedding digital CX solutions to deliver value across every area of CX.

In addition, Nexon offers vast and varied expertise and experience with a broad range of infrastructure providers. This embedded knowledge offers extended value to customers by delivering conversational front-end experiences through automation. It also provides the ability to transfer data across interaction channels in a variety of technical environments.

“Customers are seeing great results with the Uniphore and Nexon partnership including reducing operational costs, improving productivity, reducing call volumes and handle time and driving additional revenue through improved conversion and retention,” said Mr. Russell.

Region selects Nexon
Region selects Nexon

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