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Delivering effective healthcare outcome through assisted-technology.

Connecting Health and People

Healthcare, as we know today, has become much more complexed than before. Both costs of healthcare and demands impose on the healthcare ecosystem have also risen quickly over the years.

With multiple devices, systems and personnel to contend with, healthcare providers are finding it extremely challenging to create efficiencies across communications and operations.

The pressure to deliver timely, exceptional care outcomes has never been so pronounced, yet operations are becoming more cluttered than ever due to rapidly advancing and continually changing technologies. The sector is facing more regulation and greater scrutiny than ever before, adding the additional challenge of maintaining impeccable records and data at all levels of operations.

Uniting Teams through Technology

The use of information and communication technologies are gaining momentum as healthcare service providers are moving to value-based care models.

Putting information back into the hands of those who need it. Using technology to transmit information to facilitate decision-making for best care outcome.

Improving healthcare and information accessibility. Leaving no one behind on health care and supporting community no matter where they are. Giving patients the care they want and need.

Operational efficiency in healthcare institutions and facilities. Streamlining patient, workflow processes and communications for better and improved care access.

Delivering health
across the points of care

Healthcare system is changing rapidly and adapting to the evolving ecosystem is required with which care coordination, delivery capabilities will be tested across the continuum of care.

With importance placed on patient’s care experiences at every point of the system, health care service providers are looking at suitable technologies to harness their capabilities.

Achieve better organisational outcomes

Nexon Coris - Integrated communications systems via a single interface

Integrated communications systems via a single interface

Nexon Coris - Streamlined operations and workflow management

Streamlined operations and workflow management

Nexon Coris - Reliable and efficient communications

Reliable and efficient communications

Nexon Coris - Escalations and notifications

Escalations and notifications

Nexon Coris - Real time reporting

Real time reporting

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With increased proliferation of data breaches, healthcare providers are looking for ways to safely share and manage patients’ data and information in the system. Always looking out for any vulnerabilities and strengthening security postures become important.

I.T. Security Solutions

Cloud Services

Changes are plentiful in healthcare, from regulatory, legislative to demands. In the changing environment, healthcare providers need an enabler of organisational transformation to better operational effectiveness and dynamism to respond to market changes.

Nexon's Cloud Services

Business Solutions

Building a sustainable healthcare practice that focuses on patients and their care outcome requires understanding their need, their journey and elivering a superior patient experience.

Nexon Business Solutions

Secure network

To build connected healthcare, operators will need to overcome operational challenges of costs, efficiency, regulatory compliance, optimising resource utility, and to have better visibility across the infrastructure.

I.T. Security Solutions

Unified Communications

Real-time communication and collaboration can affect care and treatment rendered to patients greatly. The ability to provide optimal communication anytime anywhere is vital to providing patients with the best care.

I.T. Security Solutions

Nexon Coris

Nexon Coris is an intelligent and automated communications platform that integrates to legacy and new systems into a single view, allowing care staff to make critical decisions under pressure with confidence

Nexon Coris

Why Nexon?

Partners in Delivery

As an integral partner, Nexon commences the engagement by learning about your operations, goals and challenges. Our team becomes embedded within your organisation to deeply understand your specific requirements.

We work with your teams to identify critical procedures, audit existing alert notification hardware and software, map the historical response profiles of workflows and design an end-to-end solution. Our team of experts and engineers collaborate with your care staff to develop the solution best suited to the specific care outcomes required.

Unlimited Integration Potential

With years of experience and expertise in technology, and a highly customisable solution, our capability for integration with legacy and new systems and devices is unparalleled in the industry.

From traditional telephone systems, mobile devices and paging systems to visual alert systems, Nexon Coris will bring these devices and their operating systems together into one central user-friendly interface.

Experts in Healthcare

With a strong track record in the healthcare sector, Nexon engages as an integral partner in their digital transformation journey. We identify new and emerging technologies aligned to their business strategy, delivering end-to-end solutions to streamline operations and improve communications.

Download the Queensland Public Hospital Case Study - Nexon was engaged by one of Australia’s largest teaching and research hospitals to create a completely adaptable, flexible and reliable solution for its busy switchboard.

Case Study

Queensland Public Hospital

Nexon was engaged by one of Australia’s largest teaching and research hospitals to create a completely adaptable, flexible and reliable solution for its busy switchboard.

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