Struggling to manage documents? We’ve got the solution and you could already be paying for it!


Most of our customers are already enterprise level users of Microsoft Office 365. They will also have numerous disparate data sets and assets stored in different on-premise, cloud-based storage and file sharing solutions without any knowledge or traceability of which document is where.

We’re here to save you time and money

SharePoint, together with MS Teams, provides a great foundation for managing your documents. You may already have access to these, so why not optimise it?

We work with organisations to understand what they do, how they work, what their structures are and how they use information across their organisation. We also take into account regulatory requirements and governance, understanding how and for how long they have to retain and classify information so that we can make the re-configuration of structures and processes fast and painless.

The multi-channel storage nightmare

Organisations around the world have enjoyed the benefits collaboration tools have brought, and many have been excited to create overlapping content and project information across Teams channels, SharePoint, OneNote, and every other platform available. But with so much information being replicated across multiple channels and no hierarchy to control how and when it’s stored, tagged and tracked organisations are falling behind when it comes to document compliance and control.

Automate it!

AI enables SharePoint to identify context and content, auto classify and file in a location without human intervention. In addition, tools like Power Automate can help you to drive better document diligence by embedding publishing and approval workflows which ensure traceability and archiving protocols are defined and embedded.

We connect the pieces of the puzzle

We’re experts at untangling webs of documents and connecting the pieces. By implementing efficient information architecture and optimising enterprise search successfully will quickly pay dividends.

In creating an information architecture which works for your organisation, consider these questions:

  • Where are you storing your documents?
  • How do you categorise a document?
  • What is the lifecycle of your document?
  • What do you need to classify your documents?
  • How do you find them?
  • How do you ensure access is secured across all of your channels and entities?

Do more, with more, for less.

Our modern workplace solutions work across your organisation to find ways to provide greater levels of value from your existing assets. If you’re already paying for it, why not receive the benefits and efficiencies it brings? Contact us today.

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