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Modern Workplace

The onerous task of document control used to be owned by teams of people in an office, manually logging and documenting reams of paperwork. It’s hard to believe the impact that collaboration technologies such as Teams and SharePoint have made in such a short period of time. The evolution of our environmental conditions has driven a monumental surge in the demand for modern workplace technologies to create additional efficiencies, reduce costs and meet regulatory obligations.

Which technologies should you focus on?

From workflows to AI and automation, organisations are focusing on integrating new technologies. Read on to understand the current technology trends and opportunities available to drive new levels of efficiency into your organisation:

Automation and AI

Intelligent systems can now extract and classify data from documents, automatically categorise files, and initiate workflows based on predefined rules. This eliminates manual data entry, reduces human errors, and accelerates document processing, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Cloud-Based Technologies

Cloud-based document management systems allow your team to access and collaborate on files from anywhere, facilitating remote work and enhancing productivity. Additionally, cloud solutions provide robust backup and disaster recovery mechanisms, ensuring a fast and efficient return to productivity in the event of a disruption or compromise.

Business Application Integration

The future of document management lies in seamless integration with other business applications to enhance productivity. This enables your people to access relevant documents directly from their everyday dashboard like Vivo or Teams. By eliminating the need for manual document searching and switching between applications, integration drives efficiency and vastly improves collaboration.

Security and Compliance

With the increasing digitisation and regulatory constraints around the collecting and storage of sensitive data, document security and compliance are front of mind for everyone. Fortunately, document management systems now incorporate advanced security features, such as encryption, access controls, and audit trails, to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Intelligent Search and Knowledge Management

Searching for relevant information within a vast repository of documents can be time-consuming and frustrating. Advanced search capabilities powered by AI are transforming how we find and retrieve documents, using intelligent search algorithms to extract key information and find documentation quickly and easily. It’s time to make finding information easy.

Access from anywhere

The hybrid workforce is driving a need for more complex document management solutions, providing users with the ability to access and collaborate from anywhere. Couple this with work offline and synchronisation capability, work from anywhere practices using progressive technologies are taking hybrid working to the next level.

What’s most exciting about all of these developments is how accessible and affordable they are for organisations with enterprise licencing.
Working with an expert like Nexon unleashes the value of your existing assets by understanding and leveraging the capability embedded within.

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