Finding the time to get ahead of priority initiatives so often falls by the wayside as business-as-usual activities take over. And without signing up to a(nother) 6-day week, how can you meet your KPIs and move initiatives forward?

Double the power and multiply the outcomes by X 20

Many of our customers are searching for new ways to resource the vast innovation programs running alongside their business-as-usual initiatives. Successful program delivery incorporating a set of key milestones is usually a KPI for the workstream leader. They’re also almost impossible to achieve with limited resources, timeframes and tasks occupying every waking hour.

Investing in the right support as and when you need it is the way to achieve those ambitious goals.

Flexibility + Efficiency + Perspective = Value

Imagine having an offsider with all the knowledge and experience you need to drive initiatives forward. No more waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the things you haven’t managed to achieve.

Hiring a virtual CIO is all the reassurance you need to establish, direct and report on value-focused activities that deliver immediate and sustainable impact. In comparison to a single IT manager who takes time to learn and scale up knowledge to create impact, a virtual CIO can make 20 times greater impact in half the time.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

The agile CIO is your express ticket to a hyper efficient, cost-effective way to acquire top-tier IT leadership in a way that suits your organisation. Luring top-notch CIO talent can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Add to this the skyrocketing salaries and diminishing puddle of talent, the option of a vCIO is fast becoming the best option to benefit from fast-track expert guidance that adapts as swiftly as your business evolves – at a much more palatable cost.

Say hello to smart, scalable IT leadership.

While your average IT manager tends to be knee-deep in the nuts and bolts of tech, the vCIO is your ultimate multitasker, equally at ease geeking out with the tech wizards and rubbing shoulders with boards and leadership teams to craft visionary strategies and rock-solid governance. This service is more than IT leadership; it’s the end-to-end solution you’ve been looking for incorporating everything from the nitty-gritty operational details and team leadership to grand, game-changing strategies.

7 benefits of a vCIO that you may not have considered.

Every organisation has differing demands. Whether you’re missing a focus on cybersecurity, Cloud migrations, digital transformations, emerging technologies or integrations, we have a leader in their field poised, qualified, experienced and able to meet your needs on a range of initiatives, including:

Number 1

Digital vision

Question: What does our digital future look like? What could our future business and delivery model be?

The virtual resource is able to take a bird’s eye view of your organisational imperatives to create a compelling vision for transformation without the issues of baggage clouding perspective. This enables them to quickly align technology initiatives with business goals and provide a roadmap to achieve them.

Number 2

Planning and roadmapping

Question: How to execute our (IT) strategy?

Bringing your strategy to life is no walk in the park. Your vCIO is your strategist and enabler, poised to unlock your organisation’s full potential. They’ll pinpoint the roadblocks standing in your way, set the course for success and craft a dynamic battle plan and roadmap to steer your ship in the right direction.

Number 3

IT governance and risk management

Question: Are we meeting our compliance requirements, and is IT performing and creating value as it should?

Using expertise and experience gained over decades, our team can quickly establish the policies, processes and controls you need to optimise technology assets and resources and tackle ways to manage and mitigate risks and compliance issues.

Number 3

Data-driven initiatives

Question: Are we using our data assets to drive decision-making and value-based outcomes?

Finding time to attack big data issues, such as the cohesion and integration of data assets to deliver value, is always a priority for a CIO. Quickly getting to the issue in-hand a virtual CIO can help you to quickly leverage data analytics to gain insights, drive decisions through data and achieve growth goals.

Number 3

IT investments

Question: Are we using our data assets to drive decision-making and value-based outcomes?

Our vCIO will have the knowledge and experience to analyse and prioritise IT investments to escalate impact and maximise ROI. By understanding where and how you can streamline processes and reduce costs, operational efficiencies will be realised quickly.

Number 3

Vendors and suppliers

Question: Are our outsourced technology providers delivering value in a cohesive way?

Our vCIOs have a wealth of experience in evaluating and managing supplier and vendor terms and contracts, ensuring your tech stack and suppliers are coordinated and integrated with your strategic imperatives.

Number 3

Team re-alignment and leadership

Question: What does our future operating structure look like, and how will it enable the business?

Sometimes a new injection of energy is what is needed to drive impetus and inspire the team to re-engage with the bigger picture. From day-to-day management through to skills assessments and team re-configurations, our Virtual Executives are ready to hit the ground running.

These are just a few of the ways our team can help. So, whether you’re looking for a full-time, part time, on-tap or integrated source of technology expertise for your organisation, we have the skills to support your needs.

Case 3 – The Contact Centre improving CX through agent interaction – You’re a contact centre looking to increase productivity and improve customer experiences through more informed and intuitive agent conversations and reduce the number of detractors in your NPS metrics. You’ve got a stack of archived conversations which you need to retain for compliance purposes, which is taking up space and delivering no real value.

Let’s find a way to drive momentum together – call us to find out more