Four questions you should be raising in the Boardroom

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When we talk to customers about the big issues at the boardroom table, these days it usually starts with four critical conversations:


Number 1

Digital transformation – how do I apply technology to digitise and improve resilience?

Number 2

Cybersecurity – how do I protect my company assets and customer data from breach?

Number 3

Artificial Intelligence – how do I incorporate AI to inform and expedite decisions?

Number 4

Customer Experience – how can I improve competitive advantage through CX?


As a digital consulting and provider of end-to-end managed services, we always have a vast and varied bag of tools and technologies to achieve these goals. So how can you enable digital initiatives, improve cyber resilience, make faster decisions and gain market share?

Whether you’re looking for improvements in innovation, transformation, customer experiences or protection from cyber threats, the common solution invariably begins with conceptualising, road mapping and future proofing your network for scalability.

Question 1: Digital Transformation – how do I apply technology to digitise and improve resilience?

Whether you’re seeking to drive operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, inform decisions or improve resilience, working through the minefield of opportunities available takes time, focus and diligence. Often working inside an organisation prevents people seeing the wood from the trees. With so much baggage and intricate understandings of every element of an organisation and its dynamics, can actually inhibit clear thinking.

Answer: Engage an external specialist with expertise and proven capabilities in end-to-end service provisioning to help you set or re-set the roadmap for future phases of digital transformation.

Question 2: Cybersecurity – how do I protect my company assets and customer data from breach?

We’re moving the conversation on. Most organisations know the basics of passwords, patching and permissions, today’s concerns have evolved to encompass every aspect of your operations.  From product and delivery capabilities through to customer experiences and organisational efficiency, establishing a well-considered and agile cyber strategy will build organisational resilience and enhance trust with your stakeholders and customers. By undertaking a thorough analysis of your threats and needs matched with the expertise to manage, design and safeguard your environment and its assets.

Answer: Work with a security specialist to build a roadmap. By taking a strategic view of your capacity, capability and assets, it’s easier to identify the gaps. A specialist will work with you to craft solutions which leverage your existing investments and quantify the opportunity to augment and elevate your security posture.

Question 3: Artificial Intelligence – how do I incorporate AI to inform and expedite decisions?

Pipping competitors to the post seems to be order of the day when discussing how to leverage AI to drive future organisational potential. No doubt it has the ability to inform and expedite decisions, drive more powerful conversations and provide around the clock services to nurture sales pipelines, improve experiences and expedite conversions. From predictive analytics to chatbots and machine learning algorithms, understanding the data which feeds into your technology solution will help to unleash the value you didn’t even know you had in your organisation.

Answer: Find a solution that works for you (rather than everyone else). An external source of expertise can evaluate your best bang for buck by helping you to understand your data assets in detail and uncover opportunities to automate and drive efficiency through AI.

Question 4: Customer Experience – how can I improve competitive advantage through CX?

Driving exceptional customer experiences is the critical success factor when looking to acquire, retain or grow customers. Making sense of the wealth of technologies available to automate and support better service outcomes can be a minefield.  From data analytics to CRM systems, and AI-driven personalisation, finding the right tools to create seamless omni-channel experiences is, when done right, the fast track to understanding and anticipating your customer needs more effectively, and exceeding their expectations. It’s also a sure-fire way of increasing stickiness and driving revenue growth.

Answer: A comprehensive review of your CX tactics, strategies and technologies can quickly turnaround a service experience and deliver immediate results.  By leveraging customer insights, implementing chatbots for instant support, and offering personalised experiences, your metrics and competitive edge will take an upwards shift.

Importantly, the difference in outcome will result from choosing the right partner to stand beside and guide your technology aspirations to deliver results with impact.


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