Tackling modern workforce challenges with your devices

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Whether you’re trying to keep up with an increasing workforce or you’re transitioning to a hybrid model, you may have run into a few challenges along the way. Now more than ever before, employees are demanding seamless digital experiences and more flexibility. Delivering this is not only key to productivity, but it plays an important role in attracting and retaining the right staff. At the heart of keeping up with modern workforce demands is a winning device strategy.

Delivering great hybrid work experiences

As more and more organisations provide hybrid or remote working arrangements for employees, devices have taken centre stage. They need to not only suit the type of work of the individual, but also provide the mobility they need to work from anywhere. Equipping your workforce with the right devices can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why we find a lot of organisations are happy to outsource this to a reliable technology partner.

Managing the proliferation of devices

If you’re struggling to properly manage your ever-growing fleet of devices, you’re not alone. Making sure each employee has the right device for their job is no easy task. They need the right software, security, and support when something goes wrong. At Nexon,  we provide a flexible device-as-a-service (DaaS) solution that covers your entire fleet and the entire lifecycle of devices. This means your team can rest easy knowing employees have the tools they need now and into the future.

Ensuring devices are secure, wherever they are

With employees working from a range of different locations, it’s crucial to ensure the right security measures are in place. Many devices come with in-built endpoint security to provide a solid foundation that helps protect your employees from cyber attacks. It also pays off to have a technology partner with ISO27001 certification so that you know your fleet of devices are securely deployed and managed from start to finish.

Making your modern workplace more cost-effective

Device fleets and management can add up, but there are ways to make this more cost-effective. Our experts work closely with technology  reputable partners, to gain access to the best prices and efficiently arrange approvals and procurement. We also ensure devices are kept up to date to prolong their useful lifespan and save internal IT teams valuable time. Having an internal team or technology partner that knows the ins and outs of making your fleet as cost-effective as possible can save you a lot of headaches and wasted dollars.

Futureproofing your investments

On top of keeping up with business growth, our digitally driven world is rapidly evolving. Making sure your device solutions can scale up or down is at the heart of a successful strategy. When you’re setting up your fleet or looking for an IT partner to manage it for you, make sure flexibility is built into the solution.

Want to know more about achieving a successful device strategy that tackles modern challenges head-on? We’re here to answer any questions you have—get in touch with our modern workplace experts today.

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