Laying foundation for innovation through hybrid cloud


Innovating through digital transformational initiatives will put organisations ahead of the competition. Although ubiquitous access to resources and services provided through cloud can mean endless opportunities, it is important to remember avoiding the pitfall of putting a cart before the horse.

Consider the few points [what do you have to do before implementing hybrid cloud?]

Organisations will need to lay the technical groundwork or foundational infrastructure above all to ensure delivery capability. Success will not be possible if it relies on aged infrastructure or one that does not support an organisation’s digital transformation initiatives.

Business process
To enable an IT environment that works best for organisations, it is also important to optimise workloads while preparing for a hybrid cloud future with a common set of data services across a choice of resources.

Employee empowerment
For example, to increase staff productivity and mobility, enable an environment to connect, communicate efficiently with clients, it will be essential to ensure that your network is capable of delivering voice, video and data across to your staff who might be located in disperse sites.

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