Today, the use of cloud means that organisations could make a shift from building and developing IT to consuming it to support its business. Whilst there may be applications that organisations will never consider to run in the cloud, many are looking for ways to connect on-premise assets to public or private cloud resources, tapping on the maximum benefit one can reap from hybrid cloud.

Cloud computing, notably hybrid cloud, has changed business operations in many industries. With the ability to offer services-on-demand, managed and outsourced IT services, the business of buying IT has changed. IT team in companies can also shift headcount and focus from a keep-the-lights-on function to more strategic roles that will help drive digital transformation success.

So, is hybrid cloud the answer for you? Absolutely and here’s why.

• Security
Security is often cited as a primary concern among many businesses who want to go into the cloud. Adopting a hybrid cloud approach can make sure that security concern is addressed. By combining private and public cloud in a hybrid cloud approach, you could decide where best to place data depending on the level of security required.

• Scalability
Cloud bursting can provide businesses with the capability to have an overflow from a private cloud and infrastructure environment into the public cloud when an upsurge happens to meet peak demand.

• Business continuity
With hybrid cloud, you could replicate critical data to a cloud environment in a location different to the primary source, thus providing “insurance” to the data in the event of downtime.

• Innovation and speed-to-market
In a highly competitive environment, the capability to spin up or down services as needed will be required. This will ensure that it will not hinder business innovation and requirement while controlling costs without large capital expenditure.

With the capabilities that a hybrid cloud can offer, businesses like yours will be able to benefit from the multiple benefits in your digital transformational journey.

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