Have you considered the network in your digital transformation strategy?


In the age of digitisation, we’ve all heard the buzzword ‘digital transformation’ one too many times. And throughout 2018 we saw a significant amount of organisations going through this transformation journey.

We say journey because it’s not about just moving from physical files to digital files, and you’re done, – it’s about digitally transforming the way that your employees work and the way your customers experience your product or services, and the way you operate. It’s about transforming the services your organisation is able to provide and the ability to continue to grow and innovate with ease. And digital transformation isn’t so much of a buzzword anymore than it is a necessity in this digital age.

It may look different to different organisations but there are some proven benefits. Some organisations may experience benefits such as; improved profit margin, increased revenue, improved productivity, and improved customer advocacy, loyalty, and retention.

To most, if not all organisations, digital transformation strategy should sound like a dream come true, in many aspects. However, getting to that point of optimisation isn’t exactly easy, and can even be slightly complex.

Times are changing, and the network is key

With more people accessing cloud-based data and services, more people working remotely, the changing needs of employees and the changing expectations of customers have pushed the limits of the network, that supports the technology being used. Organisations, therefore can’t overlook the network in the field of digital transformation, as it’s the underlying foundation needed to make the whole operation succeed.

We’ve seen that when the network is forgotten, and you continue to change your infrastructure and application environment, the result can be a slow and frustrating experience for end users, leaving all your transformation efforts astray. Network availability is essential to your digital transformation strategy. There is a need to be able to consistently access data, improve business agility, whilst also having the capacity to support application growth, and enhanced connectivity to cloud-based applications.

The network has also transformed.

No longer is the network seen as just boxes and cables, it’s essential to connect people, resources, and applications, translating into agility, productivity, performance and control. By adopting a dynamic network architecture to accommodate the increasing shift to run workload-intensive applications, organisations can avoid bandwidth bottlenecks that will stifle innovation.

This is where SD-WAN comes in. With an advanced SD-WAN solution, you have the capability of improving the end user experience by enhancing the performance of your cloud applications and increasing the flexibility of your network. The end result is having unprecedented control over the performance of your applications on the network. SD-WAN, offers the speed, simplicity and visibility to improve the bottom line, while also improving the overall performance and end-user experience.

If your organisation is currently on their digital transformation journey, and you haven’t considered the network, maybe it’s time. If you: are wanting to improve application performance, require highly available networks across multiple sites, or are simply looking to enhance reliability and performance, talk to us today.

Rather than considering SD-WAN as an afterthought in your roadmap, contact us today and start the conversation.

To find out more about SD-WAN click here.

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