Shifting the service experience in local government.

In every facet of government, experience matters. Whether it’s the way your team interact with the community or how accessible and relevant your services are to residents, experience should be leading the conversation.

CX is the standard – CX + EX drives service transformation.

From call centres to customer facing service roles, customer experience and mapping resident journeys has been on the strategic agenda, as local councils strive to connect customers with their community. For residents, the experience is no longer about refusing collections and paying their rates, satisfaction metrics are driven by a positive end to end experience – and that includes the people in your team.

The power of Customer Experience (CX) with Employee Experience (EX) changes the landscape, and your metrics. Applying a layer of technology through AI and automation facilitates faster, more intuitive and value driven service, delivers an extraordinary uplift in experience. And unsurprisingly, happy and motivated team members, create more fulfilling and ‘delighted’ experiences.

Shifting the experience dial takes significant time and consideration. Adopting a value first approach to drive improvements in employee and customer satisfaction levels is the fastest way to create an immediate shift in key metrics for both – so let’s bring together CX + EX for the win!

Using technology to drive service delight – our top 5 tips.

Ultimately, creating better experiences demands more intuitive technology.

We recommend starting with these five initiatives to drive immediate improvements across your local council and provide measurable benefits for your residents and community:

Number 1

Service quality and communication.

There’s no excuse for poor responsiveness if you have the right technology stack and supporting infrastructure in play.

  • Future proof bandwidth to drive productivity and efficiency
  • Integrate CX platforms to manage and monitor CX and EX performance
  • Online portals with embedded automation make transacting easy.

Imagine how quickly you could shift experiences by implementing technology in these areas?

Number 2

Data driven community engagement.

Local government entities house rafts of untapped resources in their data archives which could be used to work smarter and faster. By leveraging the insights you already have you can benefit from immediate efficiency gains by retrospectively analysing and interpreting trends and insights to drive future satisfaction by providing a more intuitive and informed service. Bolster this with AI and automation, local councils can quickly and easy use their knowledge banks to gain efficiencies. By embedding archived and real time data into service chatbots, customers are happier, and team members can focus on high value activities over transactional tasks.

Number 3

Streamlined decision making through workflow.

Local councils are known for the time it takes to process transactions, interactions and approvals. By understanding bottle necks through process improvements and clearly defined pathways, service journeys can be quickly transformed through automated workflows which direct traffic and expedite approvals through triggers and notifications which alleviate administrative backlogs. This ensures team members and residents are satisfied through progress over stagnation.

Number 4

Building connected experiences through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The benefits being realised by progressive local councils using AI are significant, revolutionising service delivery and driving more connected interactions between public sector service agents and residents. By automating routine tasks and bringing together multiple data sets to drive evidence-based decisions, resident access to services becomes more streamlined, decisions and outcomes faster and end to end service experiences optimised.

Number 5

Data accessibility and sovereignty

As local councils are bound by laws and regulations concerning the collection, storage and use of data, protecting resident information is an absolute priority when it comes to building trust in service experiences. The risks associated with data breach or mishandling of resident’s data assets could quickly erode trust and confidence in operations and take your service experience back to beige. Do you know where your backups are actually held (onshore vs offshore) and how easy your systems are to restore? It’s time to find out.

If any of these shifts have got you thinking, reach out. We work with local councils across Australia, assisting them to be productive, efficient and adaptive to change?

If you are looking to streamline services, accelerate change, the right technology partner will be able to help deliver these optimised resident experiences. Contact us today.