Aged care revenue and cost improvements could be at your fingertips

There is so much hidden or under-utilised information in every Aged Care business that remains untapped. Here we outline a few ways you can review and improve data management to achieve financial benefits.

Meet George Lymbers, the Aged Care Industry Advisor on the Nexon Team

The Aged Care industry is facing unprecedented change. We know this as consumers – Aged Care touches most of our families at some point – and we know this from our customers who are navigating these challenges. Nexon – and our applications division Praxa - has been working in partnership with our Aged Care customers to help support this change while retaining their quality of care.

The hidden cost of disjointed financial views of the aged care customer

As the aged care industry continues to transform the onus on internal finance teams to navigate complex aged care operations intensifies. Consolidated billing that accommodates a range of third party services, and upholding a single view of customer financial records may seem as a near-impossible task...