Nexon “Just get it”


“We had been planning to replace our internal network infrastructure for some time however we did not believe the Infrastructure As A Service market providers were ready. Last year we began to see signs that perhaps it had moved to a point we could re-engage so we began the Request For Tender process with initial discussions based on our documented requirements. It was clear at the first meeting that Nexon understood what we were trying to do, the areas of concern we had around outsourcing and had a proven record in delivering for similar sized organisations. They won the tender which included well known providers in terms of client base however they could not offer the same package.

The design, build and implementation phases ran to schedule and budget, mostly due to the excellent working relationship the two companies have created. The project was managed professionally with on time reporting and well structured, efficient meetings, the benefit of which cannot be underestimated. To use a colloquial term, Nexon “just get it” when you sit down for a discussion on any area of infrastructure, Microsoft AD/Exchange, Security etc. and are supported by an excellent Technical Team who are willing to go beyond the basic requirement to ensure we get the right result.

We have been live for around 4 months and the support has been excellent while we bedded down our environment. The ongoing Account Management is at a level where you do not feel pushed to increase the capital expenditure although they keep you aware of anything that may interest or impact you as they know our business well enough to recommend.

The next developments for us will be around VOIP and Office 365 with Nexon well positioned to support us in both areas. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship.”

The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT

From John Carruthers, Head of Information Technology and Systems, Uniting Resources, ​The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and the ACT.

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