Stay safe … and stay contactable – PSTN Dialing Managed Service

Working from Home shouldn’t mean your team can’t answer the phone, deal with customer enquiries or speak to partners. Nexon Absolute – a suite of managed Microsoft Teams services – is a voice extension to Teams with no lock-in and a low monthly fee.

Nexon Absolute includes our PSTN Dialling Managed Service - now available with flexible terms and a low monthly cost per user.

For a limited time, the PSTN Dialling Managed Service will be available with no upfront commitment and no cancellation charges. This means your business can provide your teams with the tools they need to stay productive and in touch.

The offer is structured so you can scale up the number of voice lines required as your business moves to work from home, and then scale down again when you migrate back to the regular office environment.

By implementing this service, your team will be able to keep normal lines of communication open to co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners from their Microsoft Teams app at home – without changing their desk-phone number.

Nexon Absolute PSTN Dialling Managed Service

Enjoy the benefitS of cloud calling in Microsoft Teams


SIP Trunks via
Nexon AnySIP

The PSTN Dialling Managed Service enables businesses to access highly available, centralised SIP services delivered via the Internet to wherever an employee is working.

The service scales to meet the changing needs of your business.


Maintain Existing Office Phone Numbers

Nexon will loan you temporary phone numbers for each enabled user from our existing number pool and connect it to their Microsoft Teams Application, allowing them to make and receive phone calls.

To ensure incoming phone calls to an employee’s existing phone are not missed, Nexon will work with each employee to forward their phone to the new temporary phone number.


Handsets AND Headset Options Available

We can help you create a professional “home office” set-up for your team whilst they are not working at your office.

Nexon partners with Poly and Jabra to supply handsets and headsets and we can propose a range of options based on user requirements.


Speed of Scale Up and Scale Down

The Nexon managed service is completely cloud based and leverages our existing pool of phone numbers.

A Microsoft Teams based Work From Home strategy can be delivered in less than 2 weeks (whilst Nexon pool numbers are available).

When you return to normal operations we can turn off the extra numbers and functionality easily and with no penalty.


Simple & Easy to Understand Pricing

The Microsoft Teams Managed Voice service is available via a single per user per month charge.

Nexon Absolute provides all Project Management, implementation, training, cutover and 24x7 Support and maintenance including ongoing simple change requests.

Nexon Absolute Unified Communications

Seamless, unified communications and collaboration anytime anywhere.

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Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we understand the unique challenges faced by business leaders.

Our Microsoft Teams solutions are delivered and managed by Nexon’s solution experts and certified consultants with over 15 years of experience with Microsoft product suites.

As a Gold Microsoft partner, we know that every business is unique so our highly skilled staff will look after every aspect of your configuration making sure our platform aligns with your business contingency and communication needs. Our commitment is to help you adapt in today’s highly dynamic marketplace.

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