Managed Security Services

Giving organisations the confidence to better manage risk.

The evolution of the security landscape is fast and complicated. Malware, cyber-attacks and security breaches are no longer limited to a specific platform or device.

With these exploits becoming more sophisticated, as we connect more devices to the edge, the corporate network or core systems, organisations need to better manage risk by protecting their assets and data, while improving their security posture.

Combined with the desire to transform into a modern workplace, it is imperative organisations continuously protect the availability, accessibility and integrity of their data and systems. The effects of a breach, of any size, can have devastating impacts to an organisation, severely compromising their reputation, competitive advantage and financial position.

Security is no longer 'Just an I.T. issue'

It's time to do something, as doing nothing is no longer an option.

Let Nexon help reduce this risk for your business.

Gain peace of mind with
Nexon's Managed Security Services

In this new age of digital transformation and disruption, the old ways of looking at security no longer stand-up. There is no one single piece of technology or solution that can mitigate threats.
Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind. We do this by reducing risk to an acceptable level, addressing incidents and vulnerabilities, and ensuring that your organisation has the necessary foundation and tools to control the evolving and proliferation of threats.
Nexon’s Managed Security Services are scalable, flexible and tailored to the size and risk appetite of organisations across various sectors. Our comprehensive services include perimeter, email, endpoint and cloud security, enabling the safe use of applications.
We help businesses detect and prevent threats, reduce vulnerabilities and maintain visibility and control of their operational environment and data.

Nexon's Managed Security Services include:

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Strengthen network defences and protect assets, data and your organisation
  • Next generation firewall with advanced threat protection
  • Web content URL filtering
  • Web portal management and reporting
  • Secure remote access
Nexon Perimeter Security
Email Security

Email Security

Mitigate external threats and business email compromise
  • Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection
  • Dynamic URL analysis
  • Social media account protection
  • Policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention
Nexon Email Security
Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Mitigate external threats and business email compromise
  • Anti-virus and malware blocking
  • Data and control access with integrated threat defence
  • Easy management with a single endpoint login
  • Web filtering and removable media device scanning
Nexon Endpoint Security
Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Protect your business across every vulnerability from device to cloud
  • Control of shadow IT
  • Governance of data wherever it resides
  • Monitoring and control of activity, applying data loss prevention
  • Control of data across all devices; corporate and personal

Why Nexon?

Nexon has the experience, expertise and solutions to support your evolving security needs. We have a strong partnership ethos with leading technology providers to build and maintain your security posture today and into the future.

Our comprehensive security framework ensures the appropriate technology, people and processes are deployed when and where necessary. This framework outlines what is required to secure your data and infrastructure from evolving threats, while ensuring authorised access to systems is maintained.

Our managed perimeter security, advanced email security, endpoint protection and cloud security solutions protect businesses against threats, giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best.

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Nexon Managed Security

Giving organisations the confidence to better manage risk.

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